How to store wood furniture correctly

Wood furniture requires special treatment whether you choose to store it in a storage unit or at-home storage. In order to store wood furniture correctly, you need to follow some important steps. Avoid potential cracks and scratches by preparing your wood furniture before packing it for storage.

How do you store wood furniture correctly?

These are necessary steps to do, if you want to keep your wooden furniture for a long time in storage units near me, you need to:

  • Clean and treat the wood before packing
  • Remove smaller parts
  • Remove legs or handles if possible
  • Use the right cushioning when packing
  • Choose the right package if you are storing furniture for a longer period
  • Consider a climate-controlled storage unit
Cleaning wipes
Clean your furniture before storing it

If you follow through every step, you will minimize the risk of damage. You can skip some of these tasks, but make sure to finish important ones like treatment, wrapping and finding the right package. The rest is up to you. Depending on your time and possibilities, you can choose what you can and can not do.

It is important to clean and treat wood furniture

The first thing that you have to do is to clean the furniture. This means to remove any scrums or residues. Clear out all drawers and don’t leave anything inside. If your table or dresser has some stains on them, try to remove that as well. Make sure that you use a cleaning product specially designed for wooden surfaces. This is the first task for you so you can store wood furniture correctly.

After cleaning you should polish wood surfaces. Again use a product accordingly. If your wood furniture is dry it may crack. On the other hand, don’t use too many products, wet wood is not good either. Moist and humidity can cause mold on your wood furniture. Clean and treat the wood always before packing and storing. If you are hiring moving companies PA packing service, make sure to finish these preparations on time. Leave some time for the product to react and dry out.

Remove small parts from your wooden furniture

If you want to store wood furniture correctly, you better make sure that you reduce the chance of breakage or damage any smaller parts that are attached. Let’s say you are packing a dresser or some type of antique furniture. Handles, drawer pulls or knobs or anything similar can be easily damaged during transport. Even if you are storing it in the basement of your house. This will last for only a couple of minutes, but it is safer. Just make sure that you pack them near, so you don’t accidentally lose them. Label those parts, so you don’t forget where they go.

Man using drill
Try to disassemble your furniture

Antique furniture usually has parts glued together. If that is the case, you won’t be able to detach them without damage. Instead of trying to remove them, you can wrap them with moving pads. If you have valuable antique furniture pieces you might think about hiring packing professionals. They have experience and expertise to pack your belongings the best way possible.

For other furniture pieces, disassemble legs, and other large parts or furniture if you want to store your wood furniture correctly. Keep screws and bolts in one place. Use a small plastic bag for these parts. Once you seal the bag you could tape to a belonging piece of furniture. This way you won’t lose or mix screws. Also, wrap each leg separately to avoid scratching during transport and handling.

Use the right packing materials to store wood furniture correctly

Wood is sensitive to temperature, humidity, and other factors. Be careful when you preparing your wood furniture for storage. Don’t use plastic wrappers, because they condense and it might affect the surface. It is best to use paddings or moving blankets for wrapping furniture. These pads are made from durable materials and they won’t damage the surface. If you need to secure the wrap with tape, make sure that you don’t tape moving pads directly to a wooden surface. Tape leaves a residue that doesn’t come off so easy. Avoid that mistake and save yourself time and trouble of cleaning. 

For extra safety, you can use plastic wrap, but first, wrap the furniture with moving pads and then with plastic wrap.

Choose a durable package for a longer storage period

After you have safely wrapped your furniture, you need to choose the right package. This is important if you want to store your furniture for a longer period, you need to know how to pack for the long term storage. Needless to say that you will only pack smaller furniture pieces. There is no use trying to find a package for your large furniture. On the other hand, if you disassemble completely large furniture, you will be able to pack its pieces in separate boxes. You need to use sturdy durable boxes for packing.

Cardboard box to store wood furniture correctly
Use sturdy boxes to store wood furniture correctly

Moving boxes are suitable for storing your belongings. They are designed to last through handling and transport. If you store wood furniture correctly you will be able to use them for quite some time. When you are deciding what size of the package to use, make sure to pick the one that is just a little bit bigger than your furniture. Then you will have enough room for cushioning. Don, use a too big box because you will have too much void inside. 

Climate controlled storage unit is a great choice for storing wood furniture

The last thing you can do when you want to store wood furniture correctly is to rent a climate-controlled unit. This is storage with a regulated temperature all year-round. High or low temperatures affect the wooden surfaces, so this is one more way to avoid any potential damages. Climate controlled units usually have humidity control, as well. This is the safest way to store wood furniture correctly.

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