How to spend fall in Pittsburgh

Fall is not the most favorite season for the majority. However, Pittsburgh is great place to be when the summer is over. Fall in Pittsburgh is an excellent time to try some outdoor activities or visit places you have avoided during those hot summer months. Take advantage of the nice weather and fill your calendar with exciting activities to have the most from those shorter fall days.

There is a festival for almost everybody’s interest in fall in Pittsburgh 

Moving to Pennsylvania will certainly enrich your life with all sorts of various activities. There is a place for everybody: music fans, movie enthusiasts, adventurers, food lovers, etc.

Fall is the best time for most of these festivals. You can visit the online festival calendar and plan your days to make the most out of the fall’s outdoor moments. Families enjoy visiting the festival at Soergels, where you can have hayrides or pumpkin and apple picking. There is also food and beverages and it is family-friendly, of course.

pumpkins in a pile
There is a lot of places where you can go and get a pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is a popular time for families and seniors, as well. Bloomfield and Brookline have their Halloween Parades when everybody dresses up and celebrate. Beer and food lovers will also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy their fall in Pittsburgh. 

Explore nature’s colors

Besides other best free things you can do, you can simply go outside and just enjoy the weather and fall scenery. Fall in Pittsburgh is excellent for exploring beautiful nature. You can choose from so many picturesque sceneries. Amateur photographers like to visit parks such as McConnells Mill State Park or better yet Fall Run Park, where you can catch beautiful fall colors on the hidden waterfall. It is close to the city and it is convenient for residents and tourists as well. Hiking trails have low foot traffic, that’s why they are perfect for a getaway from the city. Just be careful, because the park’s trails are pretty difficult. Especially after heavy rainfall, because it is known that then trails are washed. The upside is you will be able to see more waterfalls because they appear after strong rain.

Check out sports games

Whether you are a fan of hockey, baseball, football or soccer, you can spend your afternoon cheering for your favorite team. In case you are moving to Pittsburgh, you can expect a lot of games in the fall. If you want to catch them all, start in early fall because you never know how long will team last. Just in case you are not a big fan but want to take somebody to a game, you can see Pirates baseball, Penguins hockey, Riverhounds soccer or Steelers football. 

PNC park Pittsburgh
Fall is perfect to catch a game of your favorite team

If you are a newcomer to the Pittsburg area, then this is an excellent opportunity to feel a great atmosphere that this city offers. Moving to Pittsburgh, especially long-distance, will be great for you. You just make sure that you hire a local moving company because they can help you since they know their city best. Also, feel free to check their references and ask for a written estimate from long distance movers Pittsburgh PA so you know what exactly to expect.

Fall water activities

Anyone who has summer yearning and maybe misses watersports and sunbathing, go to the river. If you go in early fall, you can expect very pleasant weather. Take your family to a cruise. Fall in Pittsburgh can be very nice if you are looking from Pittsburgh’s three rivers. There is more happening during the Haloween. Events are for families but you can visit some that are meant for adults only. There is a costume party on the dock at Station Square that later becomes a party on the water for adults. You can expect some music, tarot readings, and similar Halloween things. There is an activity for kids as well. Fun sightseeing tour where they have less scary costumed characters, prizes, and treats. 

Check out the fall foliage

Autumn colors are really beautiful, even if you are more a fan of summer. The best way to spend a fall in Pitsburg is to go outside. We already said where you can go for the best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh. When you aren’t stuck at home, you will enjoy some more fresh air before it gets too cold. Fall foliage is something that attracts many tourists. You can even find maps with dates and places to visit for the best sightings. It is mostly from mid-October until the end of the month. You can go outside of the city or you can stay in Pitsburg as well. Just check out first when it is the best date to see those beautiful autumn colors and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Leafs different colors
Fall foliage is perfect for all amateur artists

Turn to culture if the weather isn’t so good

Since the fall in Pittsburgh isn’t always followed by excellent weather, it is perfectly alright. You can visit the Cultural District and go to a show if you don’t want to stay at home. Pittsburgh Opera is starting a new season at this time, so you can check for tickets before it gets crowded. If you are not a fan of Opera, you could visit some of the great restaurants and enjoy good food. 

Beside Opera, here you can find theaters like Benedum Center, Byham Theater, Harris Theater and several others. Also, check out visual arts galleries, for example, Wood Street Galleries. ToonSeum is a museum of cartoon art. There are only three museums dedicated to cartoon art in the United States. No matter what you decide to visit, you can have a great time in fa in Pittsburgh. As you see, there is something for everybody.

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