How to save space when packing your home?

Packing your home can be a hard task especially if you don’t have help. However, you can pack efficiently by yourself if you use packing tips from the professional movers. You may not know exactly how many items you actually have before you start packing. That is why you can make your life easier and pack efficiently and save space when packing your home.

Declutter all of the non-essential items

One of the most important aspects of the move is the packing process. In case you have to save money and space when packing your home, first, you have to declutter. Decluttering will help you move only essential items. On the other hand, decluttering will help you clear your mind and your current residence.

Keep in mind that you should start this process with a good plan. Decluttering and saving space may take time but you will have after you move. In case you cant pack by yourself, consider hiring professional movers in Pittsburgh. They can pack your home in a day or two, depending on your belongings. On the other hand, even when hiring a reliable moving company, consider decluttering before your movers arrive. That way you will save a substantial amount on moving costs.

You will save space when packing your home if you declutter first.

You should start the decluttering process with your garage, your attic and other spaces in your home that may store your items. Most of those items you don’t use every day. That is why when your goal is to save space when packing your home, consider putting aside the items you no longer need and rarely use. Those items may include:

  • Old worn out clothes and the clothes that don’t fit you anymore
  • Books and magazines that you don’t read
  • Items you plan but never use
  • Items that collect dust in your garage

Save space when packing your home

To pack your home efficiently, consider getting the professional packing supplies from your affordable Pittsburgh movers. Your movers will give you quality moving supplies. Also, you movers can pack your belongings in the most efficient way. On the other hand, when it comes to moving long distance, make sure to use a professional packing service to secure your belongings. Quality movers know the import and export laws and they know which items they shouldn’t pack. If you are in this situation, make sure to consult your movers on packing and ask them about the items they don’t transport.


Make sure to ask your movers about the items you shouldn’t pack before you start.

Getting all the right packing supplies is the first and the most important step. Use sturdy new boxes if you want to save space when packing your home. That way your belongings will be safe while in transport. To save space you can put smaller items in draws and other bigger compartments. However, you shouldn’t use this method to pack fragile items that can damage if they move. Fragile items should be carefully wrapped up in wrapping paper before you put them inside the box. Make sure to secure any breakable items that shouldn’t move like dishes while packing.


Consider using ziplock bags for packing smaller items like small parts and short cables. That way you won’t lose anything during your relocation. If you have any electronic devices, make sure to take pictures before unplugging everything.

Use the items you already have for packing

In case you are moving on a budget, you should use the items you already have when you wish to save space when packing your home. In this situation, you can save a substantial sum of money if you pack everything by yourself and find cheap packing supplies. You can find cheap moving boxes online or ask the local bookstore owner for the boxes he can spare. Also, consider checking online for the cheap moving supplies and the boxes people give for free.

While packing you can use the items you already have. That way you will avoid buying expensive packing materials for your relocation. You can use towels, shirts, blankets, and sheets for wrapping fragile items. On the other hand, your cousins can be very effective when packing. You can use them to secure items in bigger boxes.

Pack the box with essentials

The „essential box“ is the box that you take with you on a moving day. You may need few essentials for the road or for the first few days before your movers deliver your belongings to your new address. The essential box should include toiletries and some of the items more won’t relocate like:

  • Important personal documentation
  • Moving documents and insurance policy
  • Passports and cash
  • Irreplaceable family photographs and similar items

How to hire a quality packing service?

Quality moving companies usually have a professional packing service. Reliable Pittsburgh movers will make sure to pack your belongings to the best possible standards. They use professional equipment to move and load your big and heavy items onto the moving truck. Movers pack your belongings with the professional packing supplies and they take care of each item no matter how small and secure it for transport.

luggage and bag
Make sure to pack the bag with essentials to take on the moving day.

In case you have items of high value, you more will take extra precautions to handle those items. Movers usually have professional training to handle even professional machinery when they relocate your office equipment. On the other hand, they have insurance while on the job. With a quality moving company, you will have more with years of experience at your disposal. They are efficient and fast when dealing with big, bulky and heavy items.

With the professional moving crew, you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting damaged. Also, your movers are trained to save space when packing your home. Another benefit is that you have insurance when professionals ack and move your belongings. That is why you should think twice before deciding to lose precious time and effort into packing your entire household belongings by yourself.

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