How to renovate an attic

Home is more than just a place where we live, sleep and eat. What makes our home feel cozy and familiar is our personal touch. The more effort we put into our home, the more attached we are to it. And we are always searching for a way to improve it and use every corner of it for something nice. There are many home renovation ideas that don’t cost much but can change the entire look of your home. To renovate an attic is definitely one of the best and most cost-effective renovation ideas you can come up with. Here are some things that should help you with the process!

First, make it sparkle

If your attic is like most of them are, you first need to get rid of the clutter. You cannot possibly think about starting the renovation while your attic is dirty and full of dusty things. So, start decluttering! Also, while you are cleaning you should be also sorting things in order to determine which of them are for keeping, which for donating and which are simply garbage. Some of the storage rental Pittsburgh units can also be a great option. Especially if you have a lot of items you would like to keep, but have no space for them at home.
Storage costs are really trivial in comparison to all the benefits attic renovation is going to bring to you. Besides, you are in control of that remodeling. If you wish to only clean up space, paint it and fill with furniture by your taste, results can be amazing with just a little effort. Or maybe you wish to completely change the look of the space by making a huge renovation. Whatever your decision is, just make sure you are comfortable with it. It is your call how much time and money you will invest to renovate your attic.
Attic bedroom with bed, chair and windows
Attic bedrooms are very romantic and cozy

Second, work out tour budget

In order to do any kind of remodeling, you need to make a budget. Put on the paper the amount you will be able to use to renovate your attic. Once you come up with a number, stick to it! Furthermore, have in mind that this process might last more than a month. This works for you since you will be able to separate bigger cost into several smaller ones. Most importantly, be sincere with yourself. Don’t commit for an amount you won’t be able to provide or cause yourself financial troubles in future. Like every job you do around a house, remodeling is also often followed by unexpected costs. So, better commit for a lower amount and leave a reserve for unforeseen circumstances.

Make a plan and visualize

Most importantly, you need to have a solid plan when you decide to renovate an attic. This is just not some of the things you should be spontaneous about. You need to have a clear vision yourself if you want to hire professionals to help you realize it. Because when you are not sure what you want, your handyman knows even less. Also, try to visualize the ultimate result. How do you feel about it? Imagine yourself spending the time in your new renovated attic. How do you feel? Would you change something? Try to figure these things out before you start remodeling because it is much harder and more expensive to change the plan later.

Unleash your imagination

There are more options than you can imagine when you renovate an attic, you just need to be creative. You could make an extra bedroom with an amazing ceiling. Imagine that, wood ceiling, king size bed and skylights. Sound dreamy? Well, it is and it requires minimal investment and gives maximal results. In fact, if you ever decide to sell your home, having that rustic bedroom will add value to your house big time. It’s romantic, vintage and cozy, who could resist that?
Attic kids room with telescope, book shelf, table and small chairs
If you decide to make a kids room in your attic, they will be thrilled

How does an extra bathroom sound?

You know how all the big families always have a problem with waiting for the bathroom. One or even two bathroom sometimes is not enough for such a family’s needs. Therefore, think about making an extra bathroom up there. First, because you can never have too many bathrooms, second, because chances are it will be gorgeous. Imagine vintage bathroom covered in wood with a nice bathtub and maybe even some decorative room divider. But have in mind that you will have to do the plumbing in order to transform the room into an actual bathroom. This is also something that will attract future buyers if you decide to sell it.

Paradise for your teenagers

It is always a good idea to make a children’s room when you renovate and attic. Especially if you have a teenager or teenagers. They always complain about not having enough privacy at that age, and a room in the attic will give them exactly what they need. You can include them in renovation, let them propose ideas for transforming the ceiling and decoration. They will have their space and you will still be able to supervise them and catch them trying to sneak out unnoticed. So it’s really a win-win situation for you, while you renovate an attic you also keep your kids satisfied and under control.
Lovely attic bedroom with bed, window, lamp and interesting ceiling
If you decide to completely transform the ceiling, better hire professionals

Studio for creativity

If you or someone in your family is an artist or any kind of freelancer, we have some good news for you. You can renovate an attic and turn it into a studio, or an office. Whether you are a photographer, painter, designer, writer or web developer, this place will be perfect for your business. It is private and interesting, so it can give you both peace and inspiration! People that create something for a living often complain about not having a convenient space for their process of creation. Well, this is exactly what you need, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Few details that motivate you, a nice table and good lighting are great for start.

How to renovate an attic

You have a brilliant idea right there at the beginning. Because by investing in our home, you are investing in yourself. You won’t just get an extra room, you will start spending more quality time at home. It doesn’t matter if you will make a studio, gym or children’s room. What matters is that you are making progress and increasing the quality of your life. And you should never stop doing that. We hope you will manage to renovate your attic just the way you wanted. Enjoy it!

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