How to recognize fake online moving reviews

What would be the first step after you decide to buy a new car or want to visit some good Italian restaurant? Nowadays, before every purchase, experience, adventure, we would first check the reviews. Reviews, like all other additional information that you can find on the Internet, could be very helpful. And let’s say that you have made your decision and plan to move. You have found your new place, investigated your new neighborhood on the Internet and need a reliable moving company. You will check other people experience with some specific moving company – check ratings and reviews, but it is not that simple. Did you think about fake online moving reviews and how to recognize them?

Prepare yourself to recognize fake online moving reviews

Fake online moving reviews - man and woman at a desk with a laptop, tablet and mobile phone
If you look carefully, you will be able to spot fake online moving reviews

First and most important advice is to take your time and meet the market. This will not be an easy job. Especially while you are dealing with all other staff like arrangement for the new place, maybe remodeling your future place or holding a successful garage sale, but it is a very important step. Find out what moving companies offer. Compare their sites and offers. You will become more familiar with the terminology and get a more realistic picture of the possibilities. After that, start to read the reviews and use the tips which will help you capture tricky and fake online moving reviews easier.

“They are the best!” or “They are the cheapest!”

Really? Let’s call them then right away. Be careful, too positive reviews are most common and usually not real. You don’t need to be an expert to realize that someone who is moving and who is under such pressure and stress, is not so enthusiastic. So cross off these fake online moving reviews which lead you to wrong expectations. Also, if the moving company is the cheapest one, you probably can’t expect the best service. For example, if you live in Pittsburgh and you decide to move, do you really want the cheapest moving company in Pittsburg or you would prefer more affordable Pittsburgh movers? The second option sounds more realistic because you would like to get a good quality of the service for fair and affordable price.

“So disappointed.”

In combination with the previous rating, this negative review could be more realistic for a cup of coffee. Again, too negative and emotional reviews for moving companies are not real. If you had a bad experience, you would provide more explanation and be more concrete. It’s not easy at all to catch the fake online moving reviews, but try to put yourself in someone’s shoes and think how you would describe the situation. If the person explained what were the expectations and what the moving company provided, that could explain bad rating as well.

A hand on the keyboard
Everything that sounds too good or too bad probably isn’t a legit review

Very descriptive reviews with the use of personal names

An honest review would have more details about the process and mover’s service. Was the person satisfied or not, did they come prepared or not? It is unlikely that you would remember personal names in that situation. But their packing and unpacking services or carrying and treating your personal staff would be in the center of your attention. Especially when your favorite dishes are in the box, a heritage from your loving grandma.

Look at these two sentences. Jack and Mark were very careful with my boxes in the kitchen and loaded them slowly in their yellow truck. And: Guys were very careful with our boxes, especially with the one marked as “fragile”. What sounds more natural to you?

Reviews that are written by a professional and sound official

It is important to read and pay attention. Once you did your preparation, read moving companies’ sites and become familiar with the terminology, you are ready to recognize fake online moving reviews. The language which sounds more formal and professional is usually just that – a fake review. A common person would use simple language, sometimes maybe more or less polished, but would write for example about his or her moving to Pittsburgh, or describe a process of buying boxes. Or perhaps the reasons why he or she decided to go with moving company’s boxes. Using academic language would sound more like fake testimonials and you can see the differences and catch them.

Patterns in reviews

If you notice that similar review is repeating every week, every month or every 3 months, it is likely that it’s written by PR specialist. Moving is always stressful enough and you don’t need such frauds. You need to find out the reality of good storage rentals in Pittsburgh, and not to read fairy tales. So be aware, recognize patterns and eliminate these false reviews right away in order to have legit information.

Social media written on notebook and papers.
Sometimes companies use reviews for promotion, so take a good look to see if it’s an ad or the real deal.

Few additional tips

  • Repetition of the same words in a review doesn’t sound natural. If the review sounds like some advertisement, probably it is a fake one.
  • Too many irrelevant details could also signalize a red flag, for example stating the exact time of the moving truck arrival in minutes.
  • Check the ratings and if the ratings are in the correlation with the reviews. Rating 5 and comment “Nice service, well prepared but didn’t like the route which they chose. It was longer than the one which I proposed.” This review is not for rating 5 since the route could be an important aspect, especially if it’s affecting your plans and time schedule. And not to mention the budget.


In order to recognize fake online moving reviews, you should:

  1. Read about moving companies. Read about them on their sites and compare their offers. Learn from them. Get familiar with the terminology which they use.
  2. Read the reviews and check the ratings.
  3. Use the list of tips and cross out all “too many” and “too much” reviews, such as too positive reviews, too negative ones, too detailed, the one with official and professional language and pay attention to ratings and repetition of the words in reviews.

Take advantage of the modern age, use online moving reviews, but analyze them carefully and wisely. Soon you will realize how many fake reviews you are able to spot. And before you know it you will start recognizing fake online moving reviews as well as any other fake reviews.

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