How to pack your Christmas decor

Everyone looks forward to a new holiday season. Families get together, people share good stories, laugh (and sometimes cry, but try to avoid that) and everything is nice and shiny. But, before the shiny part, things were messy and not everyone was happy about doing the Christmas decoration. Well, with the right organization and preparation, you can avoid that frustration for the next year. Christmas is all about families doing stuff together, so make the decoration part interesting for everyone. It can be fun if you don’t make it into a nightmare before Christmas. There are things you can collect throughout the year, that will make your life easier when it comes to decorating. Just make sure to pack your Christmas decor right, and you are bound to have stress-free decoration party next year.

Pack your Christmas decor wisely

Christmas tree with ornaments and lights
Pack your Christmas decor wisely and save your time the next year

Good organization makes half of the job done. If you get packing materials on time, you will save yourself much time and money. You don’t have to buy everything every year. Many things you can use lie around the house, you just have to put them away for when the time is right. Try to stash cardboard egg containers, scratched sandwich boxes, empty coffee tins, and old kitchen rolls. The rest you can buy when January starts to fade away.

The most important things you have to pack the right way because you want them to stay safe for the next year. Some people buy new decoration every year, and then probably let their assistants decorate their mansions. If you are on the opposite side of Hollywood, you should probably try to reuse your decor, and stay on budget. Or maybe you just like your decoration the way it is. Either way, when you pack your Christmas decor, take good care of:

  • the Christmas tree,
  • ornaments,
  • wreaths,
  • Christmas lights.

Take good care of your Christmas tree

After all, it is the symbol of Christmas. Everyone’s first thought is about presents under the Christmas tree, so you do not want it to be broken and beaten every year. Of course, you can go with the real one, if you really love the pine smell around your house. But, be eco-friendly and take the one you can plant afterword. Otherwise, you will need to pack your Christmas decor and artificial tree right, so it stays perfect for the next year.

If you have a garage or some other in-home storage alternatives, you can pack it in the box it came with. That’s a good choice if there is not going to be any moving of it after you put it away.

Otherwise, if you are planning to move soon by yourself or with the help of movers and their packing and unpacking services, buy a tree storage bag. It will make all of your lives easier, and your tree safe. Nevertheless, always shrink wrap your tree, so it takes less space, and in order to protect it from moist, smells and bugs.

Ornaments can be fragile

Red Christmas ornaments
If you didn’t save the original boxes, use the stuff you have around household for safe packing

That is why you have to be extra careful with them. The best thing to use is the original box they came with. It is the right size and shape, so there can not be a better fit than that. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible to find the original boxes, so you have to be creative and use what you can find. Or, what you saved throughout the year for that occasion.

Depending on the size of the ornaments, you can pack your Christmas decor in the old cardboard egg containers, or sandwich boxes. If they are not fragile, like from styrofoam, you can even put a few of them in plastic cups, and then the cups in the boxes. Do not forget the clear kitchen containers that you can use, just wrap the ornaments in the paper towel to prevent them from breaking. Whatever method you choose, if you are hiring professional movers in Pittsburgh, PA, just make sure to let them know that the content is fragile. After that, you can relax, because you did your part right, and you know your stuff is safe with them.

Don’t forget the wreaths

That is going to be the last thing on your mind if you only have the one for the front door. Otherwise, you will have to put away a bunch of them, if you prefer decorating the windows on your house. If you only have that one, maybe you can use the box from the new kitchen appliance and the problem is solved. On the other hand, you probably didn’t buy ten or twenty new toasters, so you will need to purchase some wreath storage containers. Also, you can use a hanger to store wreaths, just make sure you wrap them in the plastic bags first. After you are finished, you can put everything in your own storage.

Green wreath on blue doors
Put them in boxes or hang them for storing

Christmas lights attract all the attention

Let’s face it – without lights, there is no real party. So, in order to have your holiday spirit up, you better bring your A game with colorful Christmas bulbs. That can be tricky if you let your lights wrap up in a knot. To avoid that, use some materials you have gathered around the house. Wrap lights around the old kitchen roll or an empty coffee tin. If you can’t find any of those, you can get the pieces of cardboard and wrap the lights around them. Afterward, place them in boxes, to prevent the tangling and breaking of the bulbs.

Before you even start wrapping them around anything, make sure they all work. You don’t want broken lights for next year, and you certainly don’t want them taking up your valuable storage space. So, it is better to get rid of the ones that are broken and replace them with some new, that you can find in every corner.

Whatever packing method you choose, make sure to label every box when you pack your Christmas decor. That will save you so much time the following year. You can even place numbers on them, so you’ll know the order of unpacking. When you finish all the packing, put away the boxes in a safe place. If you don’t have enough room at your place, you can always put them in some cheap storage units in Pittsburgh, and rest assured they are safe until next year. From our Movin’ Murdy family, we wish you to have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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