How to Pack Collectibles for a Move

Collectible items are often very valuable, but not just in a material way. More than the money you paid for them, is worth time you spent collecting them and taking care of them. So, the greatest value of collectibles is actually a sentimental one. That is why you need to make sure to pack collectibles for a move properly and with care. Since they are often delicate, they require special packaging. Let’s learn more about how to pack collectibles for a move.

Wrap them right

Peanuts are ok for the regular items but valuables require something that cannot settle during the move. Bubble wrap and foam wrap are probably ideal options when you want to pack collectibles for a move. Wrapped with those, your treasure cannot shift during transit. Also, filling all the gaps in your boxes will prevent your belongings from moving around. For extra safety layer three to four pieces of surface wrap from the top of the box.

When packing porous items such as antique books, artwork, and fabrics, non-acidic archival tissue make a nice protective layer. On the other hand, for glass or wood, you can use stretch or foam wrap to cover them completely. Try to extend the wrap around edges and corners.

How to Pack Collectibles for a Move such as vintage TV's.
Use bubble and foam wrap to protect your valuables.

Vibration protection

The purpose of the layer for vibration protection is to absorb small shocks that happen during transport. And for this, you can use combination blankets, bubble, and foam wrap and attach securely.

Protective shell

The protective shell is a layer that protects your collectibles from the most abrupt effects of the move. An ideal type of shell is a wooden crate. You can have it custom made for your valuables. Furthermore, if boxes or bubble wrap doesn’t fit some of your oddly shaped, one-of-a-kind items, you may also consider custom-fit foam packing. This will ensure safe delivery to your new location. And the extra expense will be worth it once your collectibles arrive safe and sound.

Think about the weight

When you pack your collectibles for a move, you should keep an eye on weight. Not only that heavy box can crush a lighter box, but when you pack too many things into one box, chances are they will get broken. To be on a safe side, keep the weight of your boxes around 30 to 40 pounds. And don’t rely on rough estimates, use a bathroom scale to be sure of the weight of your boxes. Plus, if you are hiring professionals, fill out the movers’ high-value form. This will help you identify and mark items that are considered high in value.

Get professional help

Some collectible items are more difficult for packing than others. And if they are expensive and close to your heart, paying a bit more for their protection is a better option than risking the damage. Most moving companies in PA offer special packaging for fragile and valuable items. This is a very good option because they provide custom made boxes that fit perfectly your items. Additionally, they provide extra cushioning and make sure your possessions reach the final destination without a scratch.

How to Pack Collectibles for a Move such as porcelain tea cups and kettles
Fragile items require special packaging, maybe even custom made.

Coins and currency

These collections are usually not big or heavy, so you can hold them with you during transit. You can also consider storage rental Pittsburgh, where you can keep your collectibles for short or long term. If you are going to be on some temporary location until your new home is ready, short term storage can be more than useful. To pack collectibles during the move, such as coins and currency, wrap items in packing paper and place in boxes. Then, fill gaps with crumpled packing paper, so nothing moves during transit. And for heavy items like coins, especially watch the box weight.

Dolls, figurines, ceramics or glass

  • If you have original boxes for your figurines, use them. Then wrap each item or box individually in packing paper. And make sure to apply any tape to the collectibles, it could damage its surface.
  • Wrap boxes in bubble wrap, and pay extra attention to the corners and edges.
  • Take a larger box and place a layer of crushed packing paper at the bottom to pad the box.
  • Place the wrapped figurines and boxes in the larger box, keeping them upright.
  • Fill any gaps inside the box with crushed paper or bubble wrap. And make sure there is no wiggle room.
  • Place one more layer of crushed paper on top.

Insurance, insurance, insurance

Insurance not only protects our move but also gives us plan B if something gets damaged. This is a really important issue when you pack your collectibles for a move. Are your valuables insured for the move? Most noteworthy, even if they are included in your insurance policy, you should check to see whether it covers transport and unpacking at your new home. So make sure to contact your movers or insurance provider before you sign any contract.

2 old coins
Coins can be heavy, so pack them in small boxes.

Mark fragile 

Especially if you are hiring movers to move your belongings, make sure to mark boxes with your collectibles with the word “fragile” on every side of the box. This will alert the moving crew to treat these items more carefully. But if your collection is not so heavy and it has a great sentimental value, you may want to keep it on you.

How to pack collectibles for a move

There are many different sorts of collectibles and therefore many different ways to pack your collectibles for a move properly. For some of them, you can find logical packing solutions yourself while for others you need all help you can get. Our advice is that a bit more time and money will be worth it once your valuables arrive safely to your new home.

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