How to pack belongings for winter storage

Storage can be very useful any time of the year. Whether you are moving to a smaller place, or you just want some extra free space at your home, storing is always a great option. Once you get rid of the things you use only occasionally, you get much more space and consequently, your residence looks cleaner and bigger. Also, you get space for some of the new things you will buy in the future.

Our winter clothes, ski gear or holiday decorations will only take up space at your storage during the summer. However, your barbeque grill, bicycle, outdoor furniture and summer clothes will need a place to stay during the cold weather. Therefore, storing such items in winter can be quite beneficial. Any of the reliable local movers Pittsburgh can help you safely move and store your belongings. Let’s find out how to pack belongings for winter storage like a pro.

pack belongings for winter storage, such as a suit, watch and shoes
If your closet is getting cluttered and crowded, it’s time for storing seasonal clothes

What do we usually store during the winter?

Most of the people that have a garden or some kind of outdoor space, tend to use storage to safely keep all their summer items. Nowadays, storage solutions are very widespread, and there are many facilities that can provide you with the exact type and size of unit that will suit you, such as self-storage Pittsburg. Statistically, more people use storage during the winter than during the summer, but many of them decide to keep the unit a year around. They start to enjoy having more space and get used to store all the items they don’t need at the moment.

  • If your closet starts to look a bit crowded and cluttered, it’s time for storing seasonal clothes. At some point, you just don’t have enough space for all of your clothing. And placing clothes in bags and keeping them in a basement or garage can cause them to smell weird and even get wet. Hence, when in need of additional storage area in your home for your offseason clothing, a storage unit is a perfect solution.
  • When having a motorcycle or some other vehicle you only use during summer, storing them during winter is a way to go. You will gain plenty of space in your garage if you store your ATV or motorcycle in storage. This way, you can use that space for sledge or some winter projects, or even convert your garage to a room. 
  • Keeping your lovely patio furniture outdoors during cold winter months can cause severe damage, especially for the wooden pieces. Better safe than sorry, so keep your furniture safe and fry at some of the local storage units available.
  • If you have a nice garden and you love mowing the lawn, you probably have a lawn gear. And if you like barbecue, you are probably a proud owner of a barbecue grill. If you want these items to be safe somewhere during the cold weather, pack belongings for winter storage and worry no more.
  • If you are into sports,  your sporting equipment may take a lot of your free space. Therefore, consider storing your sports gear, your bicycle and all those beach items you enjoy until the summertime comes.
A man riding a lawn mower in the garden
Store your lawn mower in order to protect it from cold

How to pack belongings for winter storage

  • Make sure to dry each item properly when storing in winter you will avoid water damage. If you have kept them in a garage or basement before storing, chances are that they are a bit wet. So keep them inside your home couple days before storing to make sure they are dry.
  • Clean all the items you pack. Vehicles, gardening tools, sports equipment or clothes should be completely clean before you pack them for storage. This way you will avoid corrosion and possible damage.
  • Protect all your things outside and inside before storing them. Use sheets or furniture covers and moving blankets for extra protection. This additional layer of protection will keep the dust and dents away.
  • To use the storage space in the best possible way, you can use shelves and wall holders. Shelves are convenient for keeping smaller items and wall mounts are great to hand your bicycle.

Vehicles storing

When you need to pack belongings for winter storage, pay special attention to the vehicles. Chances are that they will have a dead battery by the time spring comes along. Chemicals under the hood shouldn’t burst in their compartments or in the trunk. Make sure to prevent this, particularly if there are any extra liquids stored there. Also, be aware that tires tend to deflate when exposed to cold air for long periods of time. Hence, you will probably need to inflate them before taking the car out of storage.

Good idea is to measure the PSI with a tire gauge in each tire before filling. The air in the tire tends to condense in the cold, giving the appearance of a soft tire. Also, don’t over-fill your tire when you come to get the vehicle out of the storage. Over-filling can cause a blowout when driving. This is because of the air in your tire, that is expanding from the rising temperatures resulting in the tire rupturing.

Two motorcycles on a parking line
Avoid damage and corrosion on your motorcycle by packing and storing it properly

Lawn gear protection

First of all, empty the gas tank completely in all your small engine equipment, due to the ethanol in gas. If you don’t do so, chances are the ethanol will eat the carburetor. If that happens, it will cost you some extra money to get it started when you start using it again. Even if you use gasoline stabilizers, they will probably fail to preserve your gasoline over the entire winter. Our recommendation is to finish off the gas that you have before winter comes. Also, the primer bulbs on some small engines tend to crack during the cold weather. Therefore, be prepared to replace them when you want to use them again.

We really hope our little guide will help you pack belongings for winter storage. Remember, this is not only a great way to gain some extra space, but also to keep your belongings safe and sound until you start using them again. Good luck!

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