How to Pack a Dish Box

After a few months of preparation, the moving day is getting closer. So, before you actually start packing, make sure to obtain enough packing materials. You don’t want to have to run to the store on the day of the moving. Do you? Better believe that you will be needing a lot of packing materials, especially to pack your kitchen. Assuming you are not a college student, you probably don’t use plastic cups and cardboard plates. In that case, you better prepare yourself properly and learn how to pack a dish box. That way, you will avoid the stress of having some dishes broken in the transport.

What you need to pack a dish box properly

It’s bad seeing that you have lost your grandmother’s old plates. Or one crystal glass from your favorite set. You know it is going to be difficult to get a new one to match the others. Again, if your dishes aren’t very valuable, maybe it isn’t a big problem having different plates for dinner. Nevertheless, you should avoid having to go shopping for new dishes the minute you arrive at your new place. Of course, if you can afford it, you should hire some of the packing and unpacking services. Professional packing will save your dishes. The great thing is that you really don’t have to worry if you only pack a dish box properly.

Pack a dish box - plates, glasses and a bowl
If you want your dishes to survive the transfer, pack them properly

Packing materials

In order to pack a dish box in the right way, you need the right materials. There are some common packing mistakes that people make, and one of them is not knowing when to invest in new boxes. Usually, the advice is to search for free packing materials and boxes everywhere, even in the nearby convenience store. In this case, you should really consider using boxes that haven’t been used before. Because you want to avoid falling dishes from boxes on your feet.  So, this would definitely be the right time not to spare money on:

  • boxes,
  • packing paper,
  • bubble wrap,
  • packing peanuts.

After you unpack your dishes and see for yourself that nothing is broken, you will be glad that you have decided to listen to our advice.


Make sure to acquire some quality cardboard boxes. Not only you should use new, unused boxes, you should also acquire some specialized dish boxes that can protect the fragile and breakable items. Specialized dish boxes have a double layer of corrugated cardboard. Unlike the most moving boxes, that only have a single layer. That is why you will pay an extra buck for them.  Firstly, ask some of the best long distance movers in Pittsburgh for these boxes. Professionals usually have them for sale, because it’s what they do. And you will have a hard time finding them somewhere else.

Colorful plates
Acquire some good, new, specialized boxes for your valuable dishes

On the other hand, you will be glad that those thick walls have protected your dishes. That is why it is important to know what items are worth protecting. Before you pack a dish box, get rid of everything you haven’t used for years. Donate, sell or regift. Save yourself some time in packing and money in packing materials. And after you decide what definitely goes with you, put aside breakable from unbreakable items. Buy enough specialized dish boxes only for the fragile ones, while others you can pack in regular boxes. Whatever you do, don’t forget to label the boxes, and write “fragile” in big letters.

Packing paper

This is really the crucial thing you need to pack a dish box properly. Just ask any long distance or residential moving company. They’ll tell you that you will be needing it the most. Why? Because you will be using it in two ways. First of all, make sure to fill the whole bottom of every box with a layer of crumpled up packing paper. The more crumpled up paper you use, the safer your stuff will be. The same thing should go at the top of packed items in the box. The firm top will protect the stuff inside and will enable you to put another box on the top. Of course, make sure that the top box isn’t too heavy.

Packing paper and flowers
Use packing paper to wrap every item in the box

The other way you’ll be using packing paper when you pack a dish box is for wrapping things. Make sure to wrap each item in a layer or two of paper. Depending on how fragile the dishes are. If you are packing glasses, don’t forget to tuck in the ends of the paper inside the glasses. If you fill them enough and if they are big enough, you can even put some smaller dish or glass inside. Wrapped up too, of course. And pack them standing up. If you are packing plates or bowls, just wrap them and load them into boxes on their side, and not flat. Again, the heavier should go on the bottom of the boxes, while you put lighter ones on top of them. Just make sure to fill up every empty space with crumpled up paper, so you get the most protection.

Bubble wrap

If you own some very valuable dishes, bubble wrap is really the best protection you can provide. You can use it the same way as packing paper to pack a dish box, only for the more expensive items like china and crystal. Also, you should consider bubble wrap for electronic equipment and smaller kitchen appliances, if you don’t have original boxes.

Crystal glasses
Don’t think twice about bubble wrapping your crystal

If you want to save some money on packing paper and bubble wrap, think about using the newspaper. Maybe now is a good time to go to your cheap storage unit in Pittsburgh and take those newspaper you have been storing. If you decide to use those, it is necessary to remember to wash all the dishes the moment you unpack. Newspaper can be full of lead, and you don’t want to eat or drink that, do you?

Packing peanuts

For the items that have an unusual shape, the solution lies in packing peanuts which you can buy in stores. This is the case with vases and lamp bases. You should still put them in a dish box, because of the thicker walls. If you don’t have packing peanuts, use bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper to fill the empty space between items and walls in the box.

Pink vase
Think about packing peanuts for unusual shapes of dishes

Of course, if you can’t afford the professional packing materials, you can always put to use your old rags, sheets, and blankets. And for the glasses, you can use old socks, so nothing gets broken.

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