How to Meet New People After the Move

We all know how complicated and hard it can be to move from one place to another. Not just strategically, but mentally. The older you get, the harder it is to pick up your life and start things all over again somewhere else. Only a few people out there love changes and the rest of the world dread them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t go under them. On contrary, we fear them, but we make changes every day and that makes us grow as individuals. Sometimes you don’t really have a choice when it comes to relocation, and sometimes you jump into changes willingly. Either way, you must do your best to meet new people after the move and not let loneliness get you down. People tend to close themselves and grieve the old town and life, instead of enjoying new possibilities and adventures.

Best ways to meet new people after the move

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Go mingle to meet new people after the move

It is not that hard to find new friends and acquaintances with similar interests if you are changing your address for college. You already have the same starting point, so you can go on from there. In case you are moving to be with your significant other, it is a little easier. You will be emotionally set, but don’t let that stop you from meeting new people. On the other hand, maybe you are moving for a new job, possibilities or you just felt like it. If you are not careful, you can easily distance yourself from everyone and slowly slip into a depression. The truth is it can be a little tricky to meet new people after the move as you get older. But you shouldn’t let the initial awkwardness stop you from having all the fun that goes with the new adventures. Relax and go meet people.

Connect with the people you already know

We live in the era with information lying around, you just have to know where to look. This is a great time to call up that friend from elementary school that you saw on Facebook and happened to be in your new city. You can catch up over some dinner. Even a friend of a friend is not a bad idea. You both have references from a mutual friend, and everyone can take some time of the day for one coffee. Maybe you will get just a quick verbal tour around the city, but perhaps it can be more than that. If your mutual friend is a rock group singer, you probably have similar taste in music. So, you could visit a concert here, a gig there and you found yourself a friend.

Lunch on the table
You can meet great people over food

Do not avoid your coworkers

Yes, we know, you are tired of being on the job and listening about the job. But, have in mind that your coworkers are too. Take the time of your lunch break to talk about anything but business. Whether it’s the Italian food that connects you or a Spanish soccer team, use the opportunity to bond over the subject. If you are moving to Pittsburgh maybe you can catch the next Panthers game over a beer at a local pub, and before you know it you will be doing barbecues together. After you connect with even one of your colleagues, you will probably get invited to stuff outside of work. That is your chance to find more potential friends.

Take some class and join groups

Now that you are in a new city, your schedule is finally free to do all the stuff you always wanted but never had the time. Perhaps you can finally try to speak some Spanish or learn how to cook. Maybe there are some good classes at a local college that can help your career. Either way, the consistency of attendance and mutual subject with the others in classes make a good setting to meet new people after the move. There’s always someone who wants to go for a drink after a test, whether to celebrate or to vent out. People in classes can give you good advice if you’re looking for affordable Pittsburgh movers for example. And if you like reading, you can join a book club at a local library. You don’t have to know anyone to start a conversation about book impressions.


Three girls in gym clothes
A gym is a great place for body, soul, and friendships

Not only that is healthy for your body and soul, but it is also a great way to meet new people after the move. There are so many group indoor and outdoor activities in Pittsburgh that can relax you. Think about your affinities and chose something you like the most, but don’t fear trying new stuff:

  • kayaking – you probably couldn’t do that in New York City, and now you will have a new adventure to share,
  • hiking, cycling, jogging – could be done anywhere, but these activities are great because a lot of people are doing them,
  • join a gym, yoga studio or a dance class – a perfect indoor place for seeing the same people on a regular basis and maybe befriend some of them.

Whatever you decide you enjoy the most, try to take pictures if possible. Not only people will notice you, but they will want to find and add you on social media. That way, you will gain a lot of potential friends and hopefully hit it off with someone.

Social media

Speaking of the great ways to meet new people after the move, we can’t leave out social media. These days there are so many groups on any subject. And we don’t talk only about Facebook and Tinder. Do research and see what is in your neighborhood. You can join different groups. From the ones where you can find out how to protect your home, to the dating ones. And the great thing is that you don’t have to pick this or that. Join as many groups and apps as you like, and start getting to know people. Of course, be careful while doing that. Even if you just want to meet someone, let alone date, make sure your first few seeings are in a public place. Don’t forget to tell at least one of your friends or family member that you are meeting someone new and enjoy.

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