How to help your dog adjust to a new home

Moving is stressful for everyone, there is no doubt about that. It disrupts your life and everyone’s lives around you. Including your pets’ lives, too. Not only that you have to go through a drag of packing while worrying about is the dog going to play with the boxes. You also have to make sure they stay safe during a moving day. We all know how hectic that day can be, so make a good strategy for your dog, to avoid hurting him. Someone could accidentally hit him in the passing or step on him while walking. So it’s your responsibility to prevent that. And after you get to your new place, it’s up to you to help your dog adjust to a new home. Especially if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises when you come home from work. Don’t worry, learning these things will help you both.

What should you do to help your dog adjust to a new home?

You can’t really know how will your dog react to a new space. However, you should prepare yourself for every possible scenario. While doing your best to help your dog adjust to a new home, you will be helping yourself, too. We know that you suffer when your dog suffers, but have in mind that moving doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience for anyone. Especially if you hire reliable professionals like Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers or similar, who will make sure no one and nothing hurt your dog. Imagine how great it would be to have your stuff packed, loaded and transported while your dog feels all the love in the process.

Help your dog adjust to a new home - a puppy in the mug
Relocation doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience for your dog

However, just as you and your children need some time to adjust to changes, so does your dog. There is nothing strange about that. But the difference is that your family can say what are they struggling with. Unlike your dog who will show you with behavior that something is wrong. Well, try to prevent that by following these tips:

  • be patient and full of understanding,
  • try to stick to old routines,
  • don’t buy a new gear right away,
  • make sure to bring his favorite stuff,
  • shower him with love.

After everything is over and you help your dog adjust to a new home, you will be able to enjoy new experiences together.

Be patient and full of understanding

Remember how you need some time to feel comfortable in a new space? When you go on a vacation, you’re not yourself for a few days. And when you visit relatives, it may be a little harder to fall asleep. That is usually due to the new space around you. Even when you rent a new storage unit in PA you need at least a few visits to get used to the new setting, location or even the new smell. Even though you are not supposed to live there. Well, it’s the same situation with your dog.

You can’t predict how long will it take him to feel comfortable. There are no rules. Depending on your dog’s personality, it may take him a couple of days, weeks or months. But, the more you help your dog adjust to a new home, the less time he will need to enjoy again. Make sure not to rush him and expect that he will behave the same as in your old home. Just accept that and avoid stressing over it.

Sad dog in a blanket
Show plenty of love and understanding if your dog is sad

Try to stick to old routines

The fact that you are changing the whole setting around your dog is more than enough. That’s why you should try to keep all the other stuff the same as much as possible. Stick to the timings. If you used to go outside before breakfast and then again in the afternoon, now is not the right time to change that. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, get some tips and ask around where is the best or nearest park. That way you can organize your routine before work and help your dog adjust to a new home easier. Just like the old days in the old home. When everything else is changing, your dog needs at least some certainty in his life.

Don’t buy a new gear right away

It is understandable that you want your dog to know that he is special. Since you and the family are getting a new home and probably some new furniture, you want the same for your dog. Nobody wants to drag dirty old gear across the country if it’s not necessary. You might even feel uncomfortable asking your packing and unpacking service company to put his old and chewed bolster dog bed into a box. But you shouldn’t worry, they are professionals. They know how important for your dog is to have familiar and not more new stuff around him. Especially the ones that he has to use. So they will gladly contribute to help your dog adjust to a new home.

Make sure to bring his favorite stuff

A puppy with a toy
Don’t forget any of your dog’s favorite toys

It’s only natural that you want to comfort and reward your dog for being a good boy during the move. So you tend to shower him with gifts and new gear. But, it is extremely important that you save all those gifts for later when he settles in. If you want to help your dog adjust to a new home you should make sure to bring as much as possible of his favorite stuff. Even though it may just be the old, ripped blanket. If he loves it, it should come with you. So, when you are getting your moving quotes Pittsburgh, use the chance to speak with someone from the moving company. They will understand that although some stuff might seem like they are for throwing out, you still need them to arrive at your home in time.

Shower him with love

In difficult times for dogs, such as moving time, you need to show your love to him more than ever. Even more so if you want to help your dog adjust to a new home faster. Don’t spare your nice words, cuddles, and kisses. And not to mention the tasty dog treats. If you have the chance, play with him even more than before. However, it may happen that your schedule doesn’t allow you that pleasure. In that case, talk to your family members to step up and contribute to showering your amazing dog with love. When you do that and have understanding and patience, your dog will settle in your new home rather quickly.

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