How to find a new job in Pittsburgh

There comes a time in every person’s life when they start to think about the changes in their career. Maybe you are getting married in a different city and you have to leave your job. Or perhaps your spouse got a better paying job in another state. The best case scenario is when you get to be on the job that you want to quit and look for a better one without pressure. Whatever is the situation, you should know the steps to find a new job in Pittsburgh easier. We know that you are scared of change, but don’t worry, the changes make you grow, professionally and as a person.

Steps to take so you could find a new job in Pittsburgh

Let’s say that you are changing your address for a different state. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, you shouldn’t be worried because there is a lot of opportunities. That is a good thing about big cities. When the economy is right, it can be relatively easy to find a new job in Pittsburgh. Nevertheless, whichever town you are moving to, there are steps to take to help you. Weather to find the first job, or a new job.

What to do if you are jobless

The important thing to know is what to do if you are jobless. You shouldn’t despair and become hopeless, too. What you need to do is occupy yourself with things that will make you feel good. Also, with the things that are educational and that give you the opportunity to meet new people. That way, you will avoid depression and create potential job opportunities.

Dreams - find a new job in Pittsburgh
If you are jobless, make a plan and do your best to find the perfect job

Education is a never-ending story, so while you’re off work, increase your skills or add new experiences. Take some courses on the subject you are interested in. Meeting new people will not only make you find out what are the good storage units near you but perhaps even help you find a new job in Pittsburgh. You should also try volunteering for a nonprofit organization, it can open a lot of doors for you.

 Find a new job in Pittsburgh in no-time

You are officially new in town and you have finished moving all your stuff from Pittsburgh storage to an apartment. Now it’s time to get busy. Follow these tips to find a new job in Pittsburgh quickly:

  1. make a great CV,
  2. open or update your account on LinkedIn,
  3. use your contacts to get a job,
  4. find the best job listings and stay focused,
  5. prepare for the interview.

Don’t expect a job to fall in your lap. You know the saying: A search for a job is a job itself. So, buckle up, be ready to do the work and then enjoy the final product – your new, wanted, and well-paid job.

Coffee, laptop, newspaper, calculator, notepad
A search for a job is a job itself, so use all the resources you have at your disposal

Make a great CV

Most recruiters will scan a CV for 20-30 seconds and then move on to the next one if nothing catches their attention. So you should make sure your CV stands out. It shouldn’t be on more than two pages, never mind how many jobs you’ve had. Just stick to the recent years and jobs that are relevant to the work you are seeking. Try to match the experience and skills you site in your CV with the exact skills employers are asking for in job posting. Also, don’t forget to put together a good Cover letter to go with your application.

Be honest and don’t exaggerate on your explanations of the jobs you’ve done. You shouldn’t write, for example, that you used to move pool tables in PA when you only worked on the packing of the stuff. It’s going to be awkward when they ask you to state the phases of moving a pool table, and you don’t know them. So stick to the things you really know how to do, it will boost your self-confidence. And that is very important if you are trying to find a new job in Pittsburgh or anywhere else.

Open or update your account on LinkedIn

In the modern age, this one is non-negotiable. Among the recruiters using social tools, 94% of them say they use LinkedIn for their search. So, don’t hesitate, pick a good photo of yourself and put together a profile. Make sure to write a professional headline below your name. Take notes of the other professional’s profiles in your field to get ideas, but try to be creative. After you set up a profile, search for people you know who work in the companies you are trying to get into. This is when the volunteering and classes you attended while being unemployed will pay off. Send them an invitation to connect and always check your page to see if any recruiter has tried to contact you.

A cell phone with applications
Use social media, especially LinkedIn to make connections and find a new job

Use your contacts to get a job

This is easier in the city where you grew up or went to college. Nevertheless, you should apply the same strategy if you want to find a new job in Pittsburgh as a newcomer. People hire people they know, so ask for help and advice. Look at Facebook or other social networks whether anyone you know from childhood or college lives near you. There are great ways to meet new people after you move, so use the connections you made while searching for the job. Doing volunteer work and additional courses are also good for connecting.

Find the best job listings and stay focused

Use job searching engines and keywords that match your interests and the right location. If you are trying to find a new job in Pittsburgh, make sure to look at the database of over 1.000 jobs that the Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) has created in conjunction with PA CareerLink in order to efficiently connect job seekers to jobs throughout Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. You can also use the local newspaper like Pittsburgh Post Gazette or local employment sites like Pittsburgh Jobs and Pittsburgh Employment Guide.

Prepare for the interview

A woman on the interview
Be prepared for when the time for the interview comes

Firstly, do your best to look your best. That is going to be good for your self-esteem. Just like the preparation for interviews, where you are going to find out everything there is to know about that company. That’s not going to be hard in this modern age, where you are one click on Google Search away from the information. Remember that they want you to show them how much you know about the company, and not really to get to know you. Just focus on the company’s needs and not yours, and you will find a new job in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in no-time.

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