How to deal with bad neighbors?

We all know that we can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends. Well, neighbors are like family in this case. After you did all that hard work to find the perfect home for you and your closest ones, you expect that nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately, you can’t know for sure who is going to live next to or close to you. Even if you did your homework and asked around before the move if the neighborhood is fine, things could change. After years and years of living with great people, someone new can suddenly move in and not be so great. You will have to deal with bad neighbors if you want to continue to enjoy your home. Also, you will have to recognize when the time comes to stop dealing with them. Maybe moving out is the best solution in some cases.

The best ways to deal with bad neighbors

Firstly, it is important to say – you don’t have to like everyone in your neighborhood. It is OK to skip barbeque or poker nights if you dislike some of the people. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. But, it is also important that you don’t have enemies in your neighborhood. After a long day at work, I’m sure that you would like to relax when you come home. And not deal with bad neighbors. That is why you have to decide what annoying behavior you can handle and what things you can’t tolerate. Sometimes, you can stay indifferent and accept the situation. Other times you have to take some actions:

  • start with a friendly approach,
  • use mediators,
  • seek support from other neighbors,
Love your neighbor hat - deal with the bad neighbors
Always start with the friendly approach when you deal with the bad neighbors

Start with a friendly approach

There is always a chance that your neighbors don’t know that they annoy you. Maybe they think you don’t hear their loud talk through the wall because they don’t hear you speaking. So, the first thing you need to do is introduce yourself. After you get to know them a little better, it will be much easier to say that you know their mother in law is moving to Pittsburgh to stay with them. Perhaps they will be surprised at how you know that, so there is a perfect opportunity to tell them they speak too loud and no one gets offended. There is a good chance that they will gladly volume down because they probably don’t want you to know everything. Just like you don’t want that.

If they don’t get the subtle message, you can always be upfront and tell them what bothers you. You should be friendly and shouldn’t accuse them. Just tell them how it makes you feel every time when they slam the door and wake you up. If you are lucky, you will easily deal with bad neighbors just by being opened and assertive.

Use mediators

Sometimes the situation is more serious than just loud talking of people next to your apartment. Maybe you did your best to be polite, get to know them and express your feelings without accusations. And none of it helped. Although the noise is the most common reason for disputes between neighbors, it doesn’t refer only to loud talk. Unfortunately, more often the noise comes from not very well-behaved kids or irresponsible pet owners. Even the instruments played at the wrong time can cause damage to friendly relationships. So, before anyone calls piano movers Pittsburgh for relocating that piano they play at all hours of day and night, try finding a solution. If your conversation with them didn’t help, don’t hesitate to use mediators like other neighbors or landlords. Sometimes even the warning of calling their landlord can do the trick. If not, let the landlord offer them a compromise so they can enjoy their piano, but you don’t lose your sleep.

A nice neighborhood at daytime
Ask the landlord or other neighbors to mediate

Seek support from other neighbors

Let’s say you have found the compromise in the deal with bad neighbors and the piano didn’t have to go to self storage in Pittsburgh, which is great. What happens if the neighbors don’t want to compromise even when the landlord calls them? If you live in a building, the chances are big that the noise bothers someone else of the neighbors. Or it isn’t the noise, but the mess someone’s dog leaves on the stairs, hallways or elevator. Probably none of the other neighbors doesn’t appreciate that. You could try seeking their support firstly in talking to the bad neighbor. Because we all know that it is not a dog to blame. Maybe if more people speak up, the bad behavior stops. If not, you can all file a group complaint in court. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Escalate to authorities

As we all know, some situations are fixable, and others are not. You are the one who has to recognize when you have reached your limits and there is no turning back. Well, before you call local Pittsburgh movers, just be sure you have done everything within your power to deal with bad neighbors.

We already mentioned that you can always threaten to call the landlord or even a local precinct if things go out of control. It is one thing if someone’s wife just gave birth. Of course, you won’t make a problem because of a little party. But it is a whole other thing if someone parties almost every night, whether it is a weekend or a work day. If the warnings from you, other neighbors or landlord don’t succeed and you can’t deal with bad neighbors, you should call the police. After that, you can refer to a small claims court for financial compensation or to a civil court to cease and desist the noise or other problematic behavior.

Police rotating light
If there are some illegal actions close to you, you should call the police

If you happen to be in a very bad neighborhood, surrounded by illegal behavior and criminals, you should probably move. Even if the police helps you once or twice, the chances are that you won’t be able to deal with bad neighbors. In that case, the safest thing for you is to move and hope that the new people you are going to meet from a new address are at least good neighbors. At the end of the day, that’s all you can do – hope for the best!

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