How to conduct pet relocation

Moving house isn’t easy. With worrying about fraudulent moving companies and the stress of packing for relocation you’re usually spent before moving day. However, moving house with a pet brings the game of relocation to a whole new level. So, Movin’ Murdy wants to give you some advice on how to conduct pet relocation. In other words, we are going to tell you what to do before, during and after your move in order to not stress out your best non-human friend. So, here are the basics which you should know before contacting your reliable local movers PA for a quote.

The first them of pet relocation is knowing the rules and laws

So, before you even book a move, you will need to have a destination in mind. When moving with pets to Pittsburgh, we advise that you check the local laws first. In other words, look up online which species and breeds are allowed there. If you’ve got an exotic friend, this will be an essential part of your move. In most cases, you can find a detailed list of banned species for Pennsylvania. And when you’re certain that your pet is legal in PA, you should make sure that your landlord will allow the animal, as well. So, when looking at affordable apartments in Pittsburgh, be sure to tell the realtor or the landlord that you have a pet. In most cases, condos will allow smaller dogs which are well behaved. And, if you’ve got fish, you’re mostly in the clear with any landlord. However, in case your best non-human friend is a snake, you may find yourself in trouble when looking at apartments. Though, after you have a place and an agreeable landlord, it’s time to go to the next stage of pet relocation to PA.

And then, to conduct pet relocation successfully, you ought to make sure that your pet is safe before the move

Before hiring your residential Pittsburgh movers for the job, your pet should be safe and sound for travel. So, there are still a few things to do. First, we would suggest looking up any additional laws or rules for your new neighborhood. If there is a leash law for dogs, learn about it. If there is a ‘poop scoop’ rule, also look it up. And then, make sure that:

When moving house with a pet in PA, it's important to lessen the stress on your non-human friend.
In order to lessen stress on your pets, introduce them to the moving supplies early on.
  • In order to conduct pet relocation successfully, you will need to visit the vet. Get a clean bill of health for your non-human friend before the move. Also, your vet may be able to give you some tips on traveling with a pet. Finally, check online if Pennsylvania asks for any health certificates or vaccines to be up to date.
  • In order to not stress your pet during the relocation to PA, you should also get your moving supplies early. Introduce the moving boxes as a piece of normal furniture and leave them for your pet to get used to. Then, when the time to conduct pet relocation comes, they won’t mind the packing process as much.
  • Finally, get a carrier if you need one and make it a fun place. Pets typically don’t like small spaces and being confined for long periods of time. If you want to conduct pet relocation without any incidents, having a carrier accepting animal is necessary. So, here’s a short video of how you can make your pet love the pet crate and not fear it.

When the time for your relocation to PA comes, be honest first and foremost

If you want to conduct pet relocation successfully, you will need a carrier.
It may take a while for your pet to be comfortable with the carrier – bring plenty of bribes!

Moving companies typically won’t take a pet on board. However, there are a few which offer pet relocation services. So, it’s important that you’re honest with your Pittsburgh long distance movers. Knowing that you have a pet will definitely influence them, as well. For example, if you own a dog. They will send workers on moving day who aren’t afraid of dogs. And, in case you pet is skittish and prone to running out the open door, they should be aware of it. Then, they can adjust accordingly.

When you’ve got the moving day booked, we still have a few tips regarding pet relocation for you

As pets don’t respond well to stress, you should try and minimize it for them. Here is what we would advise that you do next. Choose a room which your pet is most used to and leave them there during the packing process. Also, put that room in moving boxes last. When the movers come on moving day, have your pet in a separate, quiet room, with the door shut. This will prevent them from running away or getting in the movers’ way. Then, when all of your stuff is in the moving van, it’s time for a small bribe to get into the carrier before you conduct pet relocation.

Introducing your pet to a new home in PA should be a fun and slow process

When you move house, it will take a while for your pet to adjust.
Give your pet some time o adjust to their new home and unfamiliar surroundings.

So, you’ve done the hard part already. Your stuff has been packed and moved and everything is ready for your pet at the new home. Before releasing the pet from its carrier make sure that your new apartment in Pittsburgh is pet-proof. So, tuck away any loose cables and close any nooks where your pet could get stuck. Then, release the Kraken. Your pet will likely be a bit skittish in the new space and curious. Give it time to get used to the new home.

When you’re adapting your pet to their new home, you have a few tricks on how to make it easier for them. First, bring the favorites. So, you should have their blanket, toys and some treats at the ready. It’s essential that you don’t wash them, though. This way, they will smell familiar to your non-human friend. It’s best to start the adjustment process in one room. So, this means that you should unpack this space as soon as possible and leave your pet with their favorites to get used to the change. When it does, it’s time to open the rest of the home to them. Remember that some unusual behavior is alright after conducting pet relocation. Don’t punish them. Instead, encourage positive behavior with treats. And, you should be able to conduct pet relocation successfully now!

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