How to compare moving companies

The process of finding the right moving company is long, tedious and strenuous but, most importantly, 1oo% necessary! With the right moving professionals by your side, there is a good chance you will have a successful and stress-free transition to your new home. But, how do you choose the right movers? How do you sort out through all of those relocation professionals and separate the bad ones from the good ones? To compare moving companies, you need to be extra careful and pay attention to the smallest of details. Oftentimes, they decide whether a company is worth your time and money!

Compare the moving quotes

So, we start with the most obvious way to sort through the moving companies – moving estimates. If you are moving to Pittsburgh from a country far away, you will be facing a lot of expenses in the days to come. To be able to afford all of them and not end up with your bank account in the red, you will need to find a cheap moving company. Beware, as cheap does not mean that you should go for the company with a drastically lower moving estimate. Such companies are often times fraudulent, which is something you don`t need in your life. The process of comparing the moving quotes is a simple one.

  • First of all, you need to shortlist a couple of moving companies you find to be good candidates.
  • Next, pick up your phone and call them.
  • Schedule an in-house price estimate, as it is usually the most accurate one.
  • Once you receive moving quotes Pittsburgh in writing, compare the estimates.
  • To best compare moving companies and their estimates, look both at the price and at the services they offer.
A man holding a phone.
Call some companies and schedule in-house price estimates!

Look out for fraudulent movers

To avoid becoming a part of a moving scam, the crucial moment is now – when you are comparing moving quotes. Fraudulent movers often offer prices that are much cheaper than the prices of their competition. That is their way of luring you into a trap, as relocation is expensive, and every person is just trying to survive it the best they can. So, be wise, and don`t fall for their fraudulent ways.

Compare the services

Even if a company is perfect in every aspect, it means nothing if it can`t facilitate the needs of your relocation. For example, if you are looking for office movers that can help you relocate your business, you must find a company that offers this service. Residential movers are usually not equipped to deal with an office move, so you need to find a company that has lots of experience under its belt in the field of your interest. So, before you say yes to a company, make sure to compare it with other companies and their moving services. Choose the one that can provide you with the widest range of services and, of course, with the best prices.

A phone on a notebook next to a laptop.
To compare moving companies, all you need is a piece of paper and the Internet.

Decide whether you need storage solutions

We won`t dwell on this one for too long, as there is not much to tell. All we want is to warn you and tell you that you must think ahead. Even though you think that a storage unit will not be necessary for your move, you need to have a steady plan as to what you will do in case some problem arises. In case any unforeseen circumstance happens, a storage unit might be the only thing that can save you. Therefore, look for a moving company that also offers this service. You know, just in case you end up needing it.

Compare moving companies by reading the reviews

In this day and age, people have a lot of rights, and not a shortage of options for showing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service they got. When it comes to moving companies, all of them should have a customer testimonial section. This is the place where their clients can leave personal comments, and inform the public about their positive or negative experience. Logically, if you come across a company that has the majority of positive reviews, you are in luck. There is a high possibility that they are a good option. Of course, just because you read a few negative comments, it does not mean that they are not worthy of your time. On the contrary, a few bad reviews show that the reviews that are written are genuine, and not produced by the company itself.

A man giving a one star review.
Don`t let a few bad comments discourage you.

Inquire about the moving labor

What is the most important thing for a moving company? Their movers, of course, as they are the ones who do all the hard work. To compare moving companies, you must get details about their moving labor. What do we mean when we say details? For example, as a moving professional, we here at Movin` Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers have only the most trained and experienced individuals. When searching for the movers you plan to entrust with your possessions, finding the most capable ones for the job is crucial. After all, you don`t need someone who does not know their way around moving straps, do you? Thus, make sure you get some info about a company`s moving labor before you sign the contract.

Pay attention

The only way to successfully compare moving companies and choose the best one is by being attentive. You need to read the fine print and make sure no little details escape you. For example, will you be offered a binding or a non-binding moving estimate? Remember, there are three kinds of moving estimates, and they all offer different conditions. Will you be required to pay a large deposit in advance or not? Different moving companies have their own way of doing business. You need to find the one whose business model will correspond the most to your moving needs. Which you can, but only if you dedicate some of your precious time to this task.

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