How to clean your house in a day

Cleaning your home is no easy task. This is especially true if you didn’t take good care of your home, or you do not do this often enough. This task is especially hard if you have a small amount of time, but it is not impossible. If you procrastinated and you have one day to clean your home the last thing you should do is sit and worry about how much time you have. The sooner you start to clean your house the sooner you will be done.

Write down a checklist when you want to clean your house in a day

If you want to get organized while doing anything it is a good idea to write down a checklist. This method is especially useful with tasks that require a lot of work and have many parts, like cleaning your home. This simple trick will help you stay organized while you clean your home. Simply write down all the things you have to do and in which order you have to do these things. This way you will never forget to clean any parts of your home. A checklist is also very useful while moving. If you do not know how to write down a checklist while moving you can find many moving companies in PA that will take care of the whole relocation. This way you will have an easier time.

A checklist
Write a checklist in order to make stay organized while you clean your house

Start with your clothes and the dishes

Cleaning your whole home in one day is much harder if you do not multitask. The best way to do this is to start with the laundry and the dishes. Just place all the clothes and other things you need to wash into the washing machine. This way you will not have to worry about the pile of clothes, bed linens, etc. The same goes for the dishes. If you have a dishwasher just place the dishes before you move to the rest of your house. His way you will have a much easier time while you move your kitchen.

A washing machine
Start cleaning your house by taking care of the dirty clothes

Dust the higher places in your home first

No one wants to see a dusty home. It is extremely unhealthy and it does not look nice if you have a lot of o dust in your home. The best and the most efficient way to get rid of the dust is to start dusting the higher places in your home first. This way the dust from places like ceiling fans, tall shelves or tall furniture falls down to the floor. After you do that just take care of the dust on the floor and you will be good to go.

Declutter as much as you can while you to clean your house in a day

Many people have problems with a large amount of clutter in their homes. This makes their homes look smaller and much harder to clean. This is why you should declutter while you to clean your house in a day the fewer things you have to organize the less time you need to clean your home. Your home will look much more spacious and you will have an easier time while you look for something if you do this correctly. Be sure you separate the items you want to keep from the things you do not need. This way you will lower the chances of throwing away something important. Decluttering is also amazing If you plan to take care of self-storage Pittsburgh. The less thing you have to pack and store the less time and effort you need while you store things.

Clutter, get rid of it while you clean your house
Get rid of the clutter while you clean your house

Clean your furniture properly

Your home will never look clean if you do not take care of your furniture properly. You need to take you vacuum and clean your furniture as soon as possible. If there are any bigger stains on your furniture you can clean it with some water and detergent and you will be good to go. The vacuum and detergent cant help you with wooden furniture like tables. Here you can use a rag and simply wipe them down. This is not only important when you want to clean your house in a day, it is also a great way to prepare for the moving day. You need to make sure everything is clean before you pack your furniture. This is important since furniture can get ruined if you move it while it is dirty.

Be sure you clean your furniture properly

Clean the exterior last

When you are finally done with cleaning everything inside the home you need to clean the exterior too. You do not want to avoid this step since your house will never look good if you do not take care of the exterior. Keep your lawn clean, take all the toys and garden tool and store them. Make sure your driveway is clean. This will make your house much easier on the eye. This is important since most people will only see your home from the outside than the inside. Taking care of the outdoors is one o the most important thing you have to do when staging your home. If you do not do this properly you will scare off many potential buyers.

There are many people that put off cleaning their home. This will make the actual cleaning much harder but not impossible. Do not be one of those people who just give up on this. You do not want to live in a mess. It is possible to clean your house in a day if you stay focused and organized.

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