How to calculate moving costs?

Moving is a big decision that can put a strain on your budget. If you are moving by yourself with the help of few friends, you should be aware of your relocation costs. On the other hand, if you are using a professional moving company for your relocation, you shouldn’t overspend. In both cases, you will have to know how to calculate moving costs. Here are few tips on calculating your relocation expenses when moving your home belongings to a new location.

Start with the moving costs checklist

the list
Use your checklist and put on paper all of the moving costs.

Getting ready for the moving day requires a lot of planning and patience. However, before you start planning your move, make sure to do the most important step. The first step should be calculating your overall moving expenses. The best way to start is to make a moving costs checklist. Put on paper every expense you have to cover when moving your home. If you decide to use a professional moving service, the moving costs checklist should include the cost of:

  • Hiring movers and additional services when moving your car, valuables or antiques
  • Finding and renting your future home
  • Dealing with the necessary paperwork
  • Insurance policy fees
  • Storage unit rental fees
  • Cleaning costs
  • Small repairs on the current apartment for security deposit returns
  • Traveling costs for moving to a new location

When moving by yourself the moving costs checklist should include:

  • The costs of renting a moving truck
  • Getting all of the packing supplies for your move
  • The best insurance policy for your belongings
  • Costs for cleaning supplies
  • Gas costs
  • Pay tool costs
  • Other smaller costs that may add up like – party costs for your friends that help you move, servicing your car, other moving day expenses

Find the best moving company for your relocation

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Contact your movers and ask for the official moving quote.

Using quality movers for your relocation is always the best choice. Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers are here to make your relocation easy and safe. Reliable movers are here to help you calculate moving costs. On the other hand, if moving on a budget, the quality moving company will find the best way to make your relocation possible and fit into your budget. Movers with years of experience and quality service may make a customized plan for each customer. That is why should be honest and discuss possibilities for your upcoming move.

Get the reliable quote from your movers

When your goal is to not overspend on your move, make sure to ask for the reliable moving quotes Pittsburgh. The moving quote represents the estimate of the moving costs. Knowing the moving quote for your relocation helps you plan and calculate other moving expenses.

It is very important you ask more than one reliable moving company for a quote. That way you will get the best idea about the professional approach of the movers you like. Also, with the moving quote, it will be easier to choose the best moving company in Pittsburgh to relocate you.

How to calculate moving costs?

Estimating your moving costs is not hard when you consider all of the aspects of your move. With the right estimation, you will be able to plan the moving budget in advance. This way you will have the better idea of the overall expenses when moving your home, your office or your items to storage.

The distance of your move

The distance to your new location may tell you about how your moving costs are calculated. When moving long distance, moving companies usually calculate moving costs based n the weight of your cargo. On the other hand, when you are moving your home belongings to a close location, they will have a different way to calculate moving costs. When moving close by, the costs are calculated on hourly rates. The prices may vary but your movers will give you the estimate of the costs when they know how much time it will take to move the boxes to your new location.

The timeline of your move

One of the most important factors that can affect your moving costs calculations is the timeline of your move. When you are not sure about your move out date and the possible arrival date for your belongings, your movers may not give you a most exact estimate of moving costs. In that case, professionals will advise you to plan your relocation timeline before you contact the moving company.

The busy season for movers

Sometimes we may not predict when we will have to move. However, it is best if we have enough time to plan our relocation. If you are planning your move a few months in advance, you will be able to schedule your relocation and avoid the busiest moving season. That way you may avoid bigger moving costs.

How can you reduce your moving costs?

If you are moving on a budget you will try to trim your moving expenses. Here are a few tips that can help you save even more money than expected:

  • Negotiate with your movers – in some cases, they will be willing to lower your fee if you move on a specific date when it is not the busy season
  • Pack partially by yourself – some movers offer the service of partial packing. You can pack the usual items in your home while movers take care of the big and bulky items like furniture and appliances. Talk with your movers before they calculate moving costs for your move.
  • Find cheap or free moving boxes – This is the big money saving item when moving to a close location. Use the boxes and bins you already own or ask friends and neighbors for the boxes they can spare.
  • Figure out the tax-deductible moving expenses in your area. You can consult a tax representative to check if your reasons for moving qualify for a tax deduction.

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    Save on your relocation and find cheap packing supplies.

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