Hosting a Move-In Party: Tips & tricks

Although every relocation is emotionally challenging, it brings a lot of new and beautiful experiences. You get to explore a new environment, freshen things up a bit and most importantly, meet new people. And even if you feel a little anxious about meeting new people, you will enjoy it. You just need to be open and approachable, and things will start happening on their own pace. And one of the best opportunities for meeting people when you move is hosting a move-in party. This will not only help you meet your neighbors, but it will also give you a chance to celebrate your new beginning. Hence, let’s learn how to do it right.

How does hosting a move-in party work?

Hosting a move-in party basically represents your desire to meet your new neighbors, and to bond with them. This is a very important part of your relocation. Well, not as important as to get moving insurance, but crucial for your adjusting period. Remember, it is nice knowing that you have someone just a few meters away when you need them. So, why not start right away? You don’t have to spend much money or time to throw a good party and say hello. But you should probably make this party in a timely manner. This means, that you probably shouldn’t host a party your first night in your new home. You won’t be even unpacked yet. Even if you do manage to somehow make a party the first night in your new home, it wouldn’t be good. It would be completely unorganized and probably not so fun because you didn’t have time to prepare everything. So, give yourself some time to get to know the neighborhood, unpack, and see where are the nearest grocery store, gym and a coffee place.

Woman holding a plate with food while hosting a move-in party
An open house party is the most casual and most flexible

Once you have unpacked all your belongings and your furniture movers Pittsburgh have helped you assemble your lounge area, you can start planning a party. You are not sure where to start? Start with making a list. Typically, there are several things you need to do in order to organize your move-in party well, such as:

  • Set up a date for a party 
  • Make invitations for your neighbors
  • Get necessary food, drinks, and other supplies 
  • Make a playlist that will cheer up the people

The rest depends on what type of party you are going to throw. Options worth considering are a definitely open house party, barbecue, and a dinner party! 

1# Laid back open house party

Chances are that your neighbors, friends and other invites all work different hours. In this case, you should consider an open house event. It is easy, but you need to be ready for guests all the time! So, you get some snacks or homemade cookies around the house and, for one afternoon, welcome guests as they come and show them around the house. And make sure you clean your new home before their arrival. Also, this is a perfect solution if you are to invite a lot of people and you are afraid about how to fit them all at the same time.

2# Everyone loves barbecue

This could be a great choice if your new home has a backyard. And how is the weather? Warm and sunny? Great! This is a perfect excuse to invite your friends and neighbors to a nice barbecue. Of course, while chilling in the backyard, they can tour the house as well. You can give them a tour to see all the interesting things about it. In the same time, they get to enjoy the fresh air and, hopefully, a sunny day. besides, who doesn’t like barbecue? Just like for an open house party, the afternoon is also the preferable option for this one.

Vegetables and meat on a barbecue
Everyone likes barbecue, so, if you have a backyard and the weather is nice, this is the way to go

3# Fancy dinner party to impress

If you want to really impress people when hosting a move-in party, you should consider throwing a fancy dinner. Of course, this will take some thorough preparation, such as early invitation, very ordered dining room, and homecooked dinner. If your move went smoothly and you are famous for throwing the best dinner parties, this is the way to go!

For this type of event, we recommend the evening, of course. Friday night is a good day for a dinner party since they can relax, the weekend is just starting. A week or two notice for the guests is also a good idea.

Keep it simple

The next step would be to cover food and drinks. Make your neighbors feel welcome by choosing something nice, that people usually like. Serve them something tasty but easy to make. You can even throw a theme party and serve them something in the spirit of the theme. And don’t forget the desert, for your sweet-toothed guests.

If you have a very limited budget, you can go with sandwiches. But make an effort, do not just put a piece of meat and cheese between two slices of bread. Spice things up with some avocado, hummus or interesting salsas. When it comes to drinks, beer is the best and most affordable option. Of course, you also need to have something else for people who don’t like beer, like wine and some juice. Make research. For example, if you are moving to Pittsburgh, google it to find some budget-friendly stores where you can do all your purchases for the party.

Table with food, plates, flowers and candles
If you want to impress, a dinner party is also an option

Let’s party!

In case your neighbors ask you what should they bring, tell them exactly what you need. But don’t make them spend a lot of money, ask for simple and affordable that you really need, such as glasses or new shower curtain. They will feel great that they have bought you something that you really need and they will enjoy every time they see you using their gift. When you are hosting a move-in party, the crucial thing is that everyone feels comfortable. Hence, keep it casual. Make an effort, but don’t make some huge, expensive party because it won’t be comfortable for either of you. Now, enough talking- let’s party!

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