Home improvement projects to avoid

The best thing about being a homeowner is the freedom of making renovations to personalize your space. Some home improvement ideas can completely change the look of your home and positively affect its selling price. But other ones can be waste of time and money and actually reduce the selling price one day. Therefore, you should be creative but also very careful when it comes to remodeling. Let’s see which home improvement projects to avoid.

Built-in aquariums- genius or not so much?

Built-in aquariums do look stunning sometimes, and that is a fact. But have in mind that they can also turn off potential buyers. Or it can attract them, but it’s a risk. Sure, aquariums add a touch of luxury, but not everyone wants to deal with the price. Although it can look very attractive, it’s just not a practical investment. They are one of the top home improvements with a poor return on investments.

Home improvement projects to avoid, such as luxury bathroom with tub, chair, mirror and pink curtains.
Making a luxury bathroom is an investment that won’t pay off.

Unfortunate bathroom upgrades

Bathroom really is important, and we all want a nice, clean and tidy bathroom. But be careful with large investments in remodeling. While a good solution can increase the resale value and have a high return on investment, the bad one can be a dealbreaker. This is an extreme example but, having a double toilet is definitely something you should avoid. Nobody wants the company when going to the bathroom. Maybe you find it practical now, because you have toddlers, but they will grow up someday and you will be stuck with this poor solution that is scaring the buyers away.

Making a steam-room or sauna is home improvement projects to avoid too. It will not pay off, because you won’t be able to return that investment. Basically, you will invest several thousand dollars for something that very few people want. So, if you are not sure you will live there until the rest of your life, better skip it.

Luxury bathroom – friend or enemy?

Although a luxury bathroom increases the value of your home, it’s easy to go overboard. There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself. But while waterfall showers, fireplaces, and expensive tiles can make you happy, it may not fit a prospective buyer’s preferences. Furthermore, luxury bathrooms usually don’t increase the value of your home in proportion to the cost. Although whirlpool tub looks royal and gives an opportunity for amazing bubble baths, walk-in shower is just much more practical. Whirlpools take up a lot of space, can be difficult to clean and they are just not suitable for the quick shower. We are living fast, eating fast and taking quick showers. The time we live in requires that from us. Ideally, you could consider having both-  a tub for the occasional bubble bath or for bathing children, and one large, modern shower.

Swimming pool

This is one more idea that will bring you great joy but probably a lot of difficulties if you decide to sell a house. Are you dreaming of lounging poolside in your very own backyard oasis? It’s a nice thought but there are many downsides. Unless you live in a state with a year-round hot climate like Arizona or Florida, that investment probably won’t pay off. Pools are extremely expensive to install, and of course, that is not the end of it. Once you install it, you need to maintain it, which is very difficult and pricey. Most noteworthy, due to the hazards, they can pose, a pool may actually turn away buyers with small children and pets.

According to some latest studies, home’s value would increase no more than 7% after installing a pool. Shockingly, above-ground pools can actually decrease your home’s value. Lots of real estate agents even recommend that homeowners give buyers the option of removing the pool as part of the sale. Therefore, this makes a swimming pool one of home improvement projects to avoid.

Home improvement projects to avoid- swimming pool a woman is sitting on.
Installing and maintaining a swimming pool is very expensive.

Built-in electronics

Basically, all the renovations that include making something that cannot be removed are usually a poor decision. And when it comes to built-in electronics, the problem is that technology is growing rapidly. So rapidly that, today’s shiny new gadget quickly becomes a thing of the past, which makes built-in electronics home improvement projects to avoid.

Wall to wall carpeting

New carpet looks great at first, but that is an item that quickly shows signs of wear. Also, the color and the texture you are crazy about may not appeal to potential buyers. If they prefer tile or wood flooring or plan to install new carpet shortly after moving in, you will end up spending thousands of dollars to install yours, only to have it ripped out. Nobody says you shouldn’t enjoy fluffy carpets that match your furniture or your eye color but don’t go big. Avoid wall to wall carpeting, like home improvement projects to avoid.

Instead of adding, try to remove

Interestingly, when we are thinking about home improvement ideas, we always think of all the things we could add, not remove. We forget that removing old things and making more space is the cheapest way to change the look of your home. Also, it makes space look wider and hence, it attracts potential buyers as well. If you look up some of the solutions of storage rental Pittsburgh, you can easily store the belongings you don’t use at an affordable price. You can even organize a garage sale and earn a few bucks.

If you don’t have that many things to store, you can even share a storage unit with a friend, and reduce the storage costs. By getting rid of the unnecessary items, your home will get a clean, modern and minimalistic look, which is not just lice but also something that will attract potential buyers. This is an era of minimalism, so why don’t you use it?

Bedroom with wall to wall carpeting, bed and furniture.
Of course, you should pick the carpets you like, but don’t do wall to wall carpeting.

Home improvement projects to avoid

This is just some of home improvements projects to avoid, the list is very long. If you are thinking about over -improving the basement, expensive outdoor renovations, purpose room, high-end landscaping, and a huge garage, better think again. Instead of that maybe you could try painting the walls, fixing your ceiling or simply decluttering. The point is, that all the permanent solutions that are for very specific purposes probably won’t pay off. It’s great to have ideas but try to keep your hobby projects small and inexpensive because chances are that other people won’t have the same preferences as you do.

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