Guide to finding top Oakland movers

Pittsburgh is a city with a whole lot to offer. And the decision to move there can only be a step in the right direction. This especially goes if you are a football fan. But even if you are not, this is place with the right potential. And it would be a waste for you to plan a professional relocation to Oakland, only to have it fail or go sideways. So in order to prevent such a thing from occurring, we will provide you with some simple advice. Well, not so much advice as much as instructions on how to find and hire the absolute top Oakland movers. Yes, it is a boring and vexing process, but one that will pay out in the end.

Top Oakland movers might sound difficult to find, but with a few tips, it's simple.
Armed with the right knowledge, you will have not trouble finding the top Oakland movers.

Top Oakland movers – what makes them so?

Basically, there are many qualities to look for in the ideal Oakland moving company. And we will go through those but to begin with, we advise composing a list of local Oakland movers. Once you do, you will have to go through the selection process:

  1. Company verification and overall reputation
  2. Service options
  3. Moving estimate and conditions
  4. Payment claims and insurance

Step 1 – Verify that the top Oakland movers are reputable and accredited

Before all else, explore the possibility that the company is fraudulent or inexperienced. You can’t really have top Oakland movers with negative reviews online or shady websites. So not to get too much into this, there are several ways for you to check a moving company:

  • Check with the BBB. Using the Better Business Bureau for recommendation is always a good move. Because any issues or bad ratings the movers might have had in the past will be quoted on the BBB website.
  • Consult with previous clients. Today you can easily find public chats or forums on any topic. So look up Oakland mover reviews online or look up the moving company by name. Sometimes search results can provide you with all the answers you need.
  • Look through the official website. You can’t really claim to be a top Oakland moving company if you don’t even have a working website. It would simply be unprofessional and irresponsible. So make sure that the mover has a website rich with content and information.

Step 2 – Ensure that the Oakland moving company offers services that you need

No point in hiring top Oakland movers for an international relocation if they do not offer that service. And this is why you need to check what type of services the moving company actually offers.

Do they offer only local or long-distance relocations as well?

Imagine if you plan on relocating from Pittsburgh to a different city or state even. And then you find out that the Oakland movers you want to hire only offer local moving. All that planning just goes to waste and back to the drawing board you go. This is why you need to make sure that your Oakland movers handle all moving distances.

Do they provide residential or commercial moving services?

Just like in any line of work, you have companies which specialize for certain services. So it might happen that the mover you are considering only handles Pittsburgh office relocations.

Is there a possibility for storage?

If the need arises, it might be useful that you can turn to your Oakland moving company for storage. It would definitely be simpler than having to reach out to a third-party storage facility.

Are there any packing & unpacking services available?

Perhaps you won’t have the time to do your own packing and will want to have movers take care of it. It is a common situation, so there would be no harm in the top Oakland movers offering that possibility.

Are extra services given perhaps?

Most moving companies will have extra service to draw customers towards them. Those could be anything, from piano/pool table moving to carpentry and handyman services. So it might be worth looking into.

Step 3 – Get a moving quote and negotiate conditions

Top Oakland movers are not necessarily the most expensive, but should instead be affordable. We advise having 3-4 potential movers in play and negotiate prices with each. That will give you the best perspective as to where reductions can be made. Plus, it never hurts to have options.

Hiring top Oakland movers requires patience and negotiation.
Negotiation plays an important role when looking to hire top Oakland movers.

What you should do as a preparatory step is make an inventory of your belongings. Put it all down on a piece of paper that you can provide to moving company representatives. That list, along with any additional information regarding the current and future home is desirable. What does that entail?

  • Is it a building or a house that you are moving from/to?
  • Is it truck-accessible?
  • How many floors/stairs?
  • Are there any narrow doorways?

All these questions and more will be covered during an in-house pre-move estimate. However, it never hurts to be prepared and get a draft quote based on your insight. It will make it easier for you to negotiate better terms later on.

Step 4 – Look into payment options and the possibility of insurance

It is never in your interest to have to pay for the entire relocation in advance. So take that option out of you head. Instead, look to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. Something in the manner of paying a 30-40% of the quote as deposit and the rest once the move is complete. Some of the top Oakland movers offer payment plans, usually for full-service moving. So you should look into that as well.

And finally, check if the moving company offers any type of insurance. Because no matter how careful and experienced the movers are, accidents can still happen. Bump in the road or a slippery floor and your valuables might end up damaged. And this is why you should either ask your movers for insurance or get third-company insurance.

Top Oakland movers should be able to provide assurance as well as insurance.
All it takes is one bad step. Get your insurance and protect yourself.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you will be on the verge of hiring top Oakland movers. All that’s left now is to kick back and enjoy your new home.

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