Guide to finding reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh

Moving on a tight budget is not impossible. However, it does require a bit more caution and preparations. In order not to become a moving scam victim you will need to research and prepare well. Saving money during a relocation will be easy if you find the right movers and make a detailed moving plan. Finding the right reputable cheap movers in Pittsburgh can make the relocation process much easier.

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Hiring a reputable moving company for your relocation will make it quick and simple!

With a constantly growing moving industry, it is easy to get mislead and make a few wrong choices. As there are more than 7000 moving companies in the U.S. to choose from it can become a tough task. Therefore, hiring the right movers is crucial when you are looking for a safe and legal relocation. Moving companies with many years of experience will be able to handle your belongings with care. Long distance movers in Pittsburgh, will be the right choice if you are having an interstate relocation.There are many regulations to be aware of when moving to a different state or country. Having the professional to do the heavy lifting and thinking for you will save you a lot of time and nerves.

However, don’t let the distance fool you. Short-distance moves can get as stressful as the long ones. Whatever the distance between your old and new home may be, you need to make sure your furniture are packed and handled safely. If you are moving to a new neighborhood, finding reputable local Pittsburgh movers, can make your relocation simple and easy. As there are no small and simple relocations, you should pay attention to packing as well. This way you will be sure your valuables and breakable items are being transported with care.

Choosing the reputable and cheap movers in Pittsburgh

As you already know there are many moving companies to choose from. So, how to decide which one to hire? The very first thing you should do is research.Keep in mind that in order to choose the right company you will need time. Hiring a moving company at the last minute can make you choose the wrong one and spend more money. Therefore, planning your move few months ahead will let you have a cheaper and stress-free relocation. There are a few questions you should ask when contacting a mover, that will help you check the service qualities and avoid Pittsburgh moving frauds. In order to keep the research on track and save some time there are few steps, you should follow.

How to check the reliability of moving companies?

  • Contact the cheap movers in Pittsburgh, ask for quotes, and compare the prices.
  • Do not trust their answers and do confirm the information they gave you.
  • Research their online profiles and websites.
  • Check the customer’s reviews.

The questions you should ask when contacting affordable movers in Pittsburgh

The very first thing you should do for your research is to find few affordable moving companies in Pittsburgh and contact them. Having the opportunity to talk to the movers by phone will help you determine their reliability. Pay attention to their answers and behavior and trust your instincts. Make sure you follow the next few steps and ask the right questions:

The phone call

Just by answering a phone, companies can give you an important information that may slip your attention easily. Professional movers will always answer the phone with the company’s name. Phone calls that are answered just by  ” Moving company” or “Movers” should raise a red flag. Ask them for their address and additional information. Reliable moving companies will be more than happy to share this with you. They are also visibly branded and proud of it. A professional moving company will make their logo and contact information visible on their trucks, premises etc.

Women from call senters of cheap movers in Pittsburgh answering phone calls
A reliable moving company will always be happy to answer your questions and provide you with detailed information.

Due to the answers you got at the beginning of the conversation, additional information you need can vary. However, the important information to ask about is their registration number. The number is called USDOT and is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. All long-distance movers need to be registered and have their own number. However, the moving companies that offer services through only their state don’t need it.

If you are having a long-distance move ask if that will require any additional transfers. When working interstate, moving companies sometimes use more than one truck. This means that there is a possibility your boxes will transfer to a different vehicle. Even though, a professional moving company should make sure there are no damages during the process this an information you have the right to know.

Another important thing to check is if the company has any subcontractors. Companies can sometimes have their partners to help them with clients. Just as with additional transfers, this is an important thing they need to inform you about.

The estimation quotes and additional costs
calulating the moving costs
Check which are the services the mover’s quotes include and save some money by packing yourself.

Reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh will always agree to give you an estimated cost for your relocation. Also, professional movers will always agree to do an on-site estimation. Them refusing to do so is another red flag to be aware of. Their quote needs to have all costs included.

An on-site mover’s inspection is the best way to have an accurate moving cost. However, make sure you inform your movers properly. Show them around and clearly state the breakable items and everything that needs to be relocated. This will allow you to avoid any unexpected and hidden costs. A higher final price than agreed can also be a result of you not informing the company about the all of the furniture you want to move.

Packing, loading, and unloading can be charged separately. You can also ask them to exclude some of the services and lower the overall cost. Make sure you ask which services the quote does include.

Moving insurance and additional costs

Moving insurance is an important subject as well. Ask your mover about the damage reimbursements and types of insurances they offer. Moving company do not offer insurance themselves and usually have a third-party insurance. However, the quotes often do include a basic damage coverage. Contact your insurance agent and compare the prices. This way you can the best option for a safe relocation.

Another important question to keep in mind is the additional fees. If there is no easy access to your home or an elevator a moving company can have an additional fee. Also, some moving companies need to use a storage space during the relocation and charge you the fees. Therefore, make sure you ask detailed questions about the fees.

Online research of Pittsburgh affordable movers

After contacting reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh you will need to do an online research. This will allow you to back up the information you have. In order to make sure you can trust a moving company visit their online profiles and websites. Check and compare the information they gave you. The address, quotes, registration number etc… This way you will be able to easily see if everything adds up.

A person doing an internet research for finding cheap movers in Pittsburgh
Do a detailed online research when looking for affordable movers in Pittsburgh

The best way to keep track of your research is to write everything down. After choosing the companies you can trust don’t forget to check the customer reviews and scores. Cheap Movers in Pittsburgh may give you much necessary information themselves but the best way to check the quality of their services is to listen to their former clients.

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