How to file a moving insurance claim?

While we are organizing our moving, we don’t even want to think that some damages can happen to our stuff. Broken old vase, scratches on our favorite table or damaged brand-new flat screen TV sound like a nightmare. Think about moving insurance and the way to protect your move. Like with any other insurance, the logic with moving insurance is the same, protect yourself from financial losses. If you decide to go with moving insurance, which is highly recommended, you should be prepared to submit the moving insurance claim in case of damage. We are here to help you with that.

What kind of insurance options do you have?

Not just in order to break bad luck, but you really should be prepared for any scenario that can happen. Choose wisely your insurance coverage. Think about two scenarios. You can choose full coverage or coverage defined with some amount per pound of a damaged item.

Moving Insurance Claim - umbrella with a dollar sign
Invest in moving insurance so you could have peace of mind

Let’s say coverage is 50 cents per pound of the damaged item. The second option will be cheaper in the beginning, because the insurance premium wouldn’t be so high. And in case that damage happened and your 300 pounds weigh piano broke, in second scenario you would claim only 150$. The piano may not be the best example, but would the case be much different with a new TV set or desktop computer? These things could be very expensive, and not so heavy. It would be good to have full coverage insurance for moving them. What if you are not using all the services of a moving company, but only a Pittsburgh storage, for example? The philosophy is the same, we still recommend taking insurance.

What could you do to be prepared?

This leads us to the thing that you should do first – make your own inventory list. If you are in Pittsburg and need some moving services Pittsburgh, first list all your items. Write down a small description and be honest. If some of your things are already scratched, take a note. The moving company will capture that as well. The inventory list is very helpful in case that you have to file a moving insurance claim. Also, write down the value of your possessions. Try to find the bills, receipts or bank’s statements with payments that you made for your items. Take a picture of your things. So in case of damage, you would have proof of a condition before the move. All of that could help if something happens.

The damage happened, what is next?

Firstly, make sure to understand all moving company paperwork, contract, and communication that you have with the moving company. Be sure that you understand all perfectly before you sign anything. There are two most important papers before the move and when you want to submit your insurance claim. Those are:

  • the bill of lading and
  • the inventory sheet.

Bill of lading contains information about the delivery date, moving services and costs and insurance coverage. Keep a copy of a bill of lading for yourself and look carefully what it says about your insurance coverage. Do not put your signature if you do not agree with some part of it.

A camera
Take photos for evidence while you’re making your home inventory

Inventory sheet will be made by your movers. This is a checklist that you have to review and keep a copy of it. Also as proof that damage didn’t exist before the move. Remember to use your own inventory list as a cross-reference and check if they listed all your stuff.

After damage, take a picture of a damaged item from different angles. Find a photo that you made before the move, as a proof that that specific item was given in a good condition. Find also all proofs about the value of damaged stuff, if you have. That would make the estimation process much easier and you will easier file and prove a moving insurance claim.

Communicate, but record all communication with your moving company

Again, in order to prove that damage happened and who is responsible, record all communication with your movers, from the beginning. Write down all names and exact contact information. And the directions that you get from that person. It is smart to have moving insurance, but you have to be alert and thoughtful in every moment since your belongings are in question. Be mistrustful and pay attention to every single detail.

Mails going into computer screen
Communicate but don’t forget to document everything

Once when you find out about the damage, let the moving company know as well. You will work with them on filing the moving insurance claim. All your questions will be addressed to them. Every moving company can have a different policy when submission of an insurance claim is in the matter. Only your moving company can lead you through their process and can send you their forms to fulfill.

Final step – file a moving insurance claim

As soon as you receive all forms from your moving company, start to work on it. Prepare all evidence, fulfill the forms and file a moving insurance claim. Even if the moving company didn’t ask for some of the paperwork and evidence that you have, the advice is to send them all you have. Just remember, make sure that you keep a copy of everything for yourself. Send them photos that you have made before the damage and after the damage. Also, your own inventory list and the inventory sheet that a moving company has been made. File the evidence of the monetary value of the damaged item, if possible (bills, receipts, credit statement…). Send them in written all communication before and during the move, that you had with the moving company, especially if you captured the cause of damage.

Be aware that you can make a mistake and sign something before you even check if you agree. Moving is a stressful job. No matter if you relocate all your place or just your gym equipment, a lot of things are going on at the same time.

So make sure that you don’t put your signature before you double check all your possessions after the move. Once you file a moving insurance claim, your expectations should be in accordance with insurance coverage that you choose in the first place.

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