Easy ways to make a small room look bigger

After a while people get tired of the same old space they are in day after day. However, we don’t always have the opportunity to hire a reliable moving company and relocate to another address. Mainly because of the finances, but sometimes there just isn’t any need for that. Nevertheless, if you are getting bored with the home you are currently in, there are some great and easy ways to change it. Even if you think there is nothing you can do, we beg to differ. You can even make a small room look bigger, you just have to know how. And the best part is that you don’t even need an interior designer to help you. All you need are some tips and tricks that we are bringing you. Make some changes in your living space, give it a chance to breathe again and enjoy it!

Can you really make a small room look bigger?

Sure you can! You see, we are not talking about how to make a small room bigger. That would be an article about construction works and breaking down walls. No, we are talking about how to make a small room look bigger. So, basically, there are these tricks that you can use in order to have your rooms appear bigger. Therefore, before you call the best furniture movers Pittsburgh has to offer to empty your rooms and start crashing walls, try these easy ways to make changes. And after a while, if you decide that it is just not enough, you can easily move to a bigger home.

make a small room look bigger - chairs and a desk near the window
Try some great ways to make a small room look bigger

These are the tricks to try and tell us whether or not you find them sufficient for a noticeable change:

  • get rid of the clutter,
  • light around,
  • colors are the key,
  • you have floors as well,
  • shapes make an illusion.

The best part about these suggestions is that they are not excluding. You can use one of them, a couple or even all of them for a full impact in making a small room look bigger.

Get rid of the clutter to make a small room look bigger

This is really crucial if you want to make a small room look bigger, no matter if it is a living room, children’s room or a shed. If you have surpluses of your stuff lying everywhere around you, it is going to be hard to see some free space. Which is necessary if you want your room to appear bigger.

If you find yourself in the situation that you don’t have enough space in your home for everything you own, there is a solution. You have several options. This isn’t a rare case when people have to downsize from a bigger home to a smaller one. So, you can get rid of stuff by throwing them out or giving them away to charity. And let’s not forget that you can also sell them and make some money along the way. However, if all that is not enough, it’s advisable to rent a storage unit and place your belongings there for a safe keeping. That way you will not lose them and you will have time to figure out what to do with them until you move to a larger home.

Light around

Lights can make or break your intention to make a small room look bigger. You can do all kinds of stuff around your place, but if it’s too dark inside, everything else will fall in the water. So, firstly, get rid of the drapes. Even though they can look pretty nice and enrich the space, that is not the case with small spaces. Especially if you decide to go with darker colors. So, if you somehow must have drapes, make sure they are in lighter colors at least.

lamps and a desk
Lamps are both practical and a nice decorative touch

Also, prepare to enjoy all those lamps you got for your wedding. Using multiple lamps is much better than having one central light in the room. Your room is not a dentist’s office for crying out loud. Therefore, use your floor, desk and wall lamps to light up your living space. You can even install those lamps on the walls by yourself. This is not one of those home improvement projects to avoid. You don’t have to call a handyman, don’t worry.

Colors are the key

You have probably heard this many times by now, but colors are a very important part of interior design. For making your place appear bigger you need to use bright colors. Even though you may find darker shades appealing, they will visually take up your space. However, you could maybe make some combination of the two. Try having one smaller wall painted in the darker color while the others remain bright. And since we are talking about walls, we have to mention mirrors. The more mirrors you place around, the more spacious your home will look.

You have floors as well

People usually concentrate on everything else but floors in their home. And that is a big mistake because they carry a lot of potentials. If you want to make a small room look bigger, think about the continuous floor. Whether you decide to go with carpets or clean, empty floors, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about continuity because it connects the spaces.

home office
Clear your floors for a wider look of the room

And if you are considering having a pet, the cleaning will be much easier without the carpets. So, after your successful pet relocation make sure to get rid of floor materials throughout the home and you will have two in one benefit!

Shapes make an illusion

This is very useful information when it comes to decorating. Use wide horizontal lines on your walls to make a small room look bigger, whether in the same shade of the walls or the different one. Consider placing some patterns on your ceilings, to give them more depth. Instead of the regular furniture, obtain the ones with multiple purposes and in different shapes. That way you will add more storage space, hence declutter the room. Also, you will add shapes and depth to a room. And try not to crowd and overload the rooms with small decorative accents. Instead, go with a few bigger ones and you’ll be all set.

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