Donate unwanted items after relocation

A big part of the moving process is finished once you get to your new place, but there is still a lot of work waiting for you. Unpacking, cleaning and placing all your belongings is also demanding and time-consuming. At this stage, you should donate unwanted items if you haven’t already before the relocation. This will be good for a nice and clutter-free start. Also, you will finish unpacking and organizing more quickly without your unwanted belongings. Ask friends and family if they would like something from the things you are giving away and in the meantime they can help you with unpacking and moving in.

What can you donate after you move?

Maybe you have packed in a hurry and when you settled in a new home you realized there are a lot of things you want to get rid of. Besides everything you need to do on your first day in a new home you can donate unwanted items such as: 

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Shoes
  • Appliances and electrical equipment

The same policy applies to all these donations – give away only items that are in a fair condition. If you think that something is unusable, better throw it away. 

Donate your unwanted items to your friend or neighbor. Popular saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is popular for a good reason. Organize give away for your friends and family. Ask them to come and see if they would like to take something you are wanting to throw out. That is if you have some collectibles or artwork you don’t want any more.

In case you would like to keep your stuff after moving you can rent a storage unit. Check for different companies and see what are their prices, because it can be quite different. Moving and storage Pittsburgh companies offer you different types of storage to choose from. Make sure that you are storing only belongings you really need but can’t find a  place for them at the moment. Get rid of everything else, the last thing you want is to make clutter in your new home.

Furniture donation

Sometimes when you move into a new home, you notice that your couch, sofa or other large furniture doesn’t actually fit in there. Once you finish wondering why did you have so much trouble trying to disassemble your furniture unnecessarily, you could think about putting it to good use. If you donate your unwanted items or a couch in this case, you will make someone else happy. Search for organizations in your zip code and ask if they will accept this large furniture piece. Close by charity might send somebody to take your donation, so you don’t have to carry it. 

Or if you decided to give away more items than one, you could ask movers for moving quotes Pittsburgh, in case you really want to help instead of just throwing away your stuff.

Donation town, Goodwill and Salvation Army will pick up furniture donations. 

Donate books

Books are among the most common items that people are donating. Whether you will donate it to a charity organization or maybe schools or libraries, it will be put to good use. A large number of people like to donate books they have already read. Take them to a library nearby and you can get a tax reduction if you donate to them. Keep the receipt of your donation, it is useful for determining the size of the donation for a tax deduction.  Besides libraries, you can give them to a local thrift store. Recycle books as a gift for friends or family.

books on shelves
The majority read a book only once and never use it again and that is a good reason to donate them.

Donate toys

Toys and stuffed animals literally are overflowing basements and storages across the country. We all love to buy toys for our kids, regardless of the fact they outgrow them fast. When your children stop playing with stuffed animals and other toys, donate unwanted items and make other children happy as yours were. Of course, you’ll save their all-time favorites and maybe pass it on the next generation as a family heirloom.

old rubber duck
Do not donate unwanted items that are not in good condition.

Before you take your stuffed animals to charity, call and check if they will accept it. Just in case, because some of them don’t accept stuffed animals anymore.

Donate shoes

Shoes in good condition are welcomed by many charity organizations. Toddlers or children’s shoes are often worn just a few times before they grew and can’t wear them anymore. Many organizations are specialized in shoe donation. They will ship them anywhere in the globe, where people are in need of them. In case you don’t have them nearby you can donate to the Salvation Army or Rescue Mission. Unfortunately, there is always somebody who needs them. Running shoes, boots, rain boots, sandals, slippers, heels or any other type of gently worn shoes you can give away. 

Donate unwanted items and get the most out of it

In order to get the most out of your donation, you need to make sure that you know what exactly you have donated. You can make a list of things or even take some photos, just in case you give away a lot of items so you know what exactly you donated.

calculator and a pen
There is no reason why to not get the most out of your donation – like a tax deduction

Once you have decided what you are donating, you will need to assess on your own the approximate market value. The best way to achieve that is to search for that particular item or similar online and see the price on Craigslist or eBay. You can also use a valuation guide of Salvation Army or Donate town, and figure it out with their help. Next, when you make your donation you will get a receipt which you need to give them to your CPA. Photos you took of donated items are helpful as well, so keep everything in one place so you don’t misplace anything. Important thing is to know that you can get a tax deduction for the year when you donated your item. That is the only time you can use it.

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