DIY move vs hiring Pittsburgh movers

Moving to Pittsburgh, you must like steel and bridges? Just kidding! There is so much more in this great city, not only the things it is best known for. However, we won’t be discussing here the pros and cons of moving to Pittsburgh. We’ll make an assumption you already made your decision. (By the way, if you did, great choice!) So we’ll discuss here if you’d be better to hire the movers from Pittsburgh or move yourself. There are pros and cons to each decision you make. We’ll try to help you realize what would be the best choice in your particular case. DIY move vs hiring Pittsburgh movers is one of the most common dilemmas, hence we’re here to help you solve it.

DIY move – What should you know?

DIY relocation - do you have enough experience?
Do you have enough experience for DIY relocation?

Before you start, you should get to know how complicated a relocation can be. First of all, the shorter the distance, the better the chances that everything will be done without problems. Therefore, you can pick DIY projects for more parts of relocation than if you were moving long distance, or internationally. However, even for a local move to Pittsburgh, we suggest you hire moving companies. Doing everything yourself requires know-how, equipment, and tools. Given that an average person doesn’t own probably anything from aforementioned, hiring movers would probably be the best idea. They already have all of it, and they have what you probably don’t have – a moving experience. so it would pay out to buy everything.

It’s not like you’re moving every week so it would pay out to buy all those equipment, tools and supplies. Add a little more money and you’ll have enough for hiring Pittsburgh movers. With them, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your move. But, as we said, you still have some parts of relocation that you can do yourself. Especially if making a short distance Pittsburgh move. Finding a school, job, new housing, packing your boxes etc… These are all activities that you might do without help. Especially if you know the neighborhood where you’re moving.

If moving to Pittsburgh long distance, or internationally, we suggest hiring appropriate movers from Pittsburgh to help you relocate. However, you can pack your boxes. Only, consult packing professionals for some piece of advice on how to pack your valuable or fragile items, or how to disassemble some item. It will be useful.

Tips for hiring Pittsburgh movers

If you decided to take our advice and hire Pittsburgh moving services to help you, you will still need a guide on how to do that. Because hiring Pittsburgh movers isn’t an easy task. It takes time and it takes effort. Anyway, after you find a reliable moving company from Pittsburgh, you may consider half of your Pittsburgh move done. Therefore, here are some steps you should take when seeking for home moving experts in Pittsburgh:

  1. Make a list of moving companies you think would be a good pick- Hiring Pittsburgh movers is a process that takes having enough professional companies to compare.
  2. Do a thorough check-up of all the movers from the list- Make sure your Pittsburgh move will be safe in a first place.
  3. Compare reliable and reputable Pittsburgh movers and make your choice- After you made sure you’re left with reliable movers, pick the most affordable one.
Move smooth and easy hiring Pittsburgh movers
Hiring Pittsburgh movers will make your relocation smooth and easy

Making a list of Pittsburgh moving companies

Now, where can you find moving companies in Pittsburgh? You heard of some, but you’re not sure if they are reliable. There are different sources you can use to make a list of at least 5-10 moving companies. First, there are your friends and family members. Ask them, they might recommend you some good moving company you’ve never heard of. Second, your acquaintances. Ask everyone you know and think you can trust. Third, there are ads and the Internet. If somewhere, you can find hundreds of moving companies on the web. This is the least reliable source of information, but you will thoroughly check each company’s background. The safety comes first!

Background check-up of Pittsburgh movers

‘But how do I check the background of a moving company?’ – you might ask. This is quite an important matter, especially for those among you who plan on moving with a family. The most important thing you should know is- there are so many moving scams. Doing a background check isn’t an option, but a must. Here are some red flags to pay attention to (and if even one of them appears, give up on that company):

  • No licensure
  • No company name when answering the phone/mail
  • Company representatives refuse to disclose some basic information about the company
  • There are many bad reviews
  • There are serious complaints about the company
  • The company was accused of a moving scam
  • The trucks and the workers have no company name on their uniforms
  • You are not provided with a moving estimate
  • You are required to pay a lot of money in advance
Reliable and affordable Pittsburgh moving company- The only choice for a safe move?
Think about your family safety – hire reliable and affordable Pittsburgh moving company

There are many more signs of a moving scam, but these are the most obvious. If you notice at least one of these signs, or get suspicious for any reason, giving up on such a moving company is our recommendation.

Hiring the most affordable Pittsburgh movers

After you made sure all the companies left on your list are reliable and you can trust them, what’s left is to pick the best among them. What’s the best moving company? That’s a company offering the most for a certain amount of money, or offering the best quality of Pittsburgh moving services at the most affordable price. How can you know what the companies offer? Simply, ask them. Asking for an estimate for your move is a must. That will give you a chance to compare companies and pick the one offering the best terms. But what are the best terms? You’ll know that if you get a list of moving services you will be provided with for the estimated cost you got. Hiring Pittsburgh movers offering the most services at the price you can easily afford is then an option you should pick!

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