How to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

The moving day is approaching quickly and you need to have everything in order as soon as possible. By this time you have done all the necessary homework. You have planned and organized everything in advance. Maybe you have found a great moving company to meet your needs. Perhaps you have decided to pack and move on your own. Whatever is the case, the moving day is almost here and your belongings are in boxes. But what about furniture? Some of it can be moved in one piece, and some will have to be disassembled. If you can’t do it alone, the moving company will help you. However, if you have decided to obtain a bunk bed for your children, you are probably wondering what to do with it while moving. There are some tips to help you disassemble and pack a bunk bed much easier.

Where to start when you have to disassemble and pack a bunk bed?

This is a very bulky piece of furniture. It takes a lot of time and energy to disassemble and pack a bunk bed because it has a lot of parts and it is heavy. Some people try to move it in one part, but that is highly difficult to manage. You would need to have pretty wide doors and a few very strong men. That is why it is crucial to disassemble it before you try to move it.

How to disassemble and pack a bunk bed - a room with bunk bed
Make sure to empty the room before you start disassembling the bunk bed

If you are not a very handy person, it is best that you call professionals from packing and unpacking services, who will help you. They know that this isn’t an easy task to tackle. So, if you decide to do it by yourself, the best thing to do is divide it into two parts:

  • preparation of bunk beds,
  • moving the beds.

Before you start

Doing complex tasks like this needs to come with preparation. Make sure that you clear out the room from everything else. You need a lot of free space. That means that all the boxes should be placed somewhere else, outside the room where you disassemble and pack a bunk bed. The same goes for any other furniture piece, make sure it leaves a room. If you don’t have enough space, or you need to wait for movers, there is also a solution. You can use storage rental Pittsburgh and place your belongings there while you wait for the movers. Or for the appropriate time to use them again.

drawing of bunk bed
Wood is pretty heavy so be careful and don’t try to move the parts by yourself

After you clear the space, make sure to have someone help you. You shouldn’t have to disassemble and pack a bunk bed alone. There are some heavy parts that can hurt you. Or you could drop some part and damage it. That is why it is safest to have professionals do it. However, if you decide to move on your own, call some friends and family to help you. Also, prepare adequate clothes, to avoid possible injuries. Long trousers are a good choice, just like closed-toe shoes. If some board falls off, you want to reduce the chances of injuries.

Lose the mattresses

Before you actually start doing something to a frame, make sure to remove the mattresses. Wrap them in moving blankets or plastic wrappers to protect them from dirt and dust. Of course, they also shouldn’t stay in the room when you start to disassemble and pack a bunk bed. If you are doing this on the day of the actual move, your local movers will take mattresses and load them on the side of the moving truck. As they are also bulky and heavy, you shouldn’t be trying to do this by yourself.

Preparation of bunk beds

In order to prepare your bunk bads for the move, you need to have proper tools. Try to obtain cordless drill, some screwdrivers, Allen keys and bit. After that, firstly separate the two beds one from another. Sometimes this can even be enough to move the beds from your home and load them to a truck. However, even if this isn’t enough, it would be much easier to disassemble one bed at a time.

Woman holding cordless drill
Get the proper tool before you start disassembling bunk beds

Separate the top part of the bed from the bottom by unscrewing the bolts. You will find them on every corner of the bed but be careful. The second you unscrew these bolts, the parts of the bed will collapse. This is the time where, if you decided not to hire local or a long distance moving company to disassemble and pack a bunk bed, people you have asked to help you will come handy. Remember to keep the bolts and screws together in a separate bag and make sure you don’t lose a track of it. It’s best if you tie or tape it to the other parts of the bed. If you have trouble remembering what goes where use a different bag for every leg of the bed and label them. That way there won’t be any surprises when you start to reassemble your bunk beds.

Moving the beds

After you dismantle the parts, what is next? Now you have the room full of wooden parts of the bed. It will be much easier to remove the parts from the room than it would be to remove the whole bunk bad. Depending on the size of the parts, you can connect them and move them into groups. Use the old bed shits to wrap the parts which you can then secure with tape. Be careful, though, as the wood tends to be very heavy. Don’t try to carry the parts by yourself, because you want to avoid back injuries, right? Also, there is a chance that you can drop some part and damage it, while also hurting your feet or toes.

As you can see, there are a few things to take care of when you want to disassemble and pack a bunk bed. With the right preparation and organization, you will succeed in any task you give to yourself. However, when there are more serious projects involved, such as this one, we recommend you hire professionals and make your life much easier.

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