Common signs of inexperienced movers

Moving is overwhelming, complicated and very emotional period of the life. Also, it can be quite expensive. In this long and big process, different mistakes are common, especially when it comes to picking the reliable moving company. If you want to hire movers you can trust with your precious belongings, you have to remember few signs of inexperienced movers to avoid Pittsburgh moving scams.

Choose right way to move - hire experienced moving company
Pick reliable movers for the move without problems and damages. Pick a right way to move.

Avoid dealing with fraudulent movers

When you start your search for reliable movers in Pittsburgh PA pay attention and be very careful to avoid dealing with fraudulent movers. So, one of the first signs of inexperienced movers is unlicensed mover who might lose or damages your belongings or take your money. If you want to avoid all risks to be scammed, read following tips to know that you’re dealing with a fake mover.

Signs of inexperienced movers

If you are on the hunt for reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh, you should pay attention to these few signs of inexperienced movers.

Your potential movers are not registered

When you are searching for affordable movers, you should not pick up the first you saw on the Internet. First, you have to check their background and license. You have to be careful, especially with moving companies who aren’t registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission or if they don’t have a USDOT number. This is a sign not just of an inexperienced mover but also fraudulent one. You have to be careful and check your moving company has a physical address and federal motor carrier number.

The movers have bad ratings

After you call and meet with a few movers, check out their rating and reviews online. The biggest sign of inexperienced movers is poor online ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Avoid movers with bad ratings
If movers have bad ratings, find other moving company for your relocation

You don’t receive an estimate

Before you sign a contract, a good and experienced moving company will give you a free moving estimate to know the exact price of your move. This means, your trustworthy mover should come to your home or office to determine the size of your move and how much furniture you have to give you a written estimate.

You get weird estimates

When you want to hire a moving company, we recommend getting multiple estimates so you can compare various services and rates. The major sign of inexperienced movers is a weird estimate – or too high or too low estimate. So, compare more than two moving companies to get the best services and moving estimate.

Your mover has an unmarked truck

This is one more sign you are dealing with the inexperienced mover. Experienced and legitimate movers will never have an unmarked truck. You should be able to see the company name, address, website or phone number on their van or truck. If something feels wrong don’t let movers in your home.

Experienced and legitimate movers will never have an unmarked truck.
One of the signs of inexperienced movers – Your mover has an unmarked truck

Your potential mover isn’t knowledgeable

Reliable and skilled movers should know everything about the move. They have to be able to move your belongings without problems from point A to point B. Whether you are moving locally or cross country they should deal with it in the most efficient way. Also, if you need to rent self-storage Pittsburgh make sure your movers can provide you with quality and safe place. You have to be sure your belongings are safe and protected.

So, before you hire them to ask them questions about the move to check their experience to avoid dealing with damages and lost items.

Avoid major moving-day problems

We know, it is tempting to hire a moving company that provides the cheapest quote on paper. But, be careful it is one of the signs of inexperienced movers. And this decision can cause you a lot of troubles on a moving day.

  • Inaccurate Price Quotes

Less experienced movers might underestimate time and cost when providing you with moving quotes.

  • Poor Packing

Inexperienced movers might not know how to properly pack valuable office equipment. So it can lead to damaged and broken items.

  • Careless Maneuvering

Movers without experience don’t know how properly to pack and carry your furniture, so it can lead to damaged walls, floors, and ceilings.

For successful move choose trustworthy movers
Instead of feeling anxiety during your move, pick movers you can trust with your belongings

Remember, moving is a complicated task and you need reliable and skilled movers to make this process less challenging. So, when you start your search for the trustworthy moving company you should meet and interview multiple movers to check their license and to receive moving estimates. During this process, you should pay attention to all details to avoid shady movers. We hope our tips will help you recognize signs of inexperienced movers.


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