Common renovation injuries you should avoid

After relocating to Pennsylvania to your new home, there are many DIY home renovation projects waiting for you. Before you decide which project to begin first, you should think about your skills, experience, and equipment if you want to avoid common renovation injuries. Some renovation projects require a set of skills and expertise more than others. So, before starting with remodeling, do your homework!

How can you get injuries when renovating the house?

Many renovation injuries are possible, especially when you are in the new home you don’t well enough. Be honest about your skills to prevent common renovation injuries. Keep reading if you want to know in which cases injuries are very possible.

Ignoring Safety Procedures

When you want to renovate your new Pittsburgh home on a budget make sure that your job site is safe. Do not ignore safety procedures if you want to avoid renovation injuries. Always follow safety precautions when conducting a remodel in your new home. It means you should think about possible dangerous situations. So, try not to stand on the top of the ladders and always turn off the main breaker when fixing electrical problems.

Under construction
Do not ignore safety procedures when start remodeling your home, you risk more damages and injuries

Using Cheap Materials

When it comes to renovations, always think about famous “You get what you pay for”. Some cheap tools may look the same as expensive and quality ones, but keep in mind that only expensive tools can handle a heavy and complicated job. You should think the same about materials, too.

Investing in quality and expensive materials will save you headaches and injuries.

Avoid using cheap tools if you want to avoid common renovation injuries

Avoiding Contractors

This can be another bad idea when it comes to renovation projects in your new home. For some renovation projects, you really need to call professionals to help you, they will reduce the risk of common renovation injuries.

In which renovation projects you should call professionals?

  • Installing a roof
  • Hanging drywall
  • Rewiring electric

These renovation projects can be labor and they can affect the value of your home. Don’t hesitate to call the contractor to do it. This is also applying to the process of the disassembly and assembly of the furniture. If you are not capable to do it yourself, don’t risk damages and call furniture moving specialists Pittsburgh to do it in a professional manner.

Construction worker
Avoiding contractors is a bad idea. Our advice is to call professionals to help you with all your remodeling projects.

Declining a Home Inspection

When you need to renovate your new home, you should always get a home inspection by a professional. He/she will give you advice if your home can be renovated. Sometimes, building or house where you live cannot be modified without damages and serious complications. Every inspector can discover the flaws of the home so it can make a renovation plan. A home inspector will give you some pointers of what you have to pay attention.

Don’t risk your safety while trying to remodel your home

You may think you know everything about home renovation projects, but be aware that hospital emergency rooms are filled with common renovation injuries that can be prevented. So, when you start remodeling in high areas make sure to have proper equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, and fall-protection safety wear. If you are not familiar with all safety procedures, it is a better idea to hire a professional for your remodeling project.

People in emergency room
Be aware that hospital emergency rooms are filled with common renovation injuries that can be prevented

Common renovation injuries you should avoid

  • Painting house on a ladder

Ladders are one the most dangerous equipment you can use for your remodeling project. For a second you can be injured and you find yourself blacked out on the ground. Every renovation project that involves a ladder increase the chance of being seriously injured. So, be very careful when you need to use a ladder for tree trimming, roofing, painting, or pulling painter’s tape off the ceiling. Make sure they are stable and wear some protection safety clothes.

Girl on ladder should be careful if she want to avoid common moving injuries
Ladders are one the most dangerous equipment. So, before you use it, make sure they are stable and safe.
  • “Creative” Electrical Wiring

If you want to do electrical work on your own, think twice. First, you are working on someone else’s original electrical work and you don’t know how to fix it properly. Injuries because of creative electrical wiring often happen because homeowners want to take a shortcut and to avoid procedures. Also, for electrical fixtures, you have to turn off the electricity before remodeling. After you think about all risks and common renovation injuries, ask yourself again: is it a better idea to hire a qualified electrician?


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