Cheap storage units Pittsburgh

We all need at some point in life, personal or business space for all our belongings. Pittsburgh movers offer you wide range of different storage units. We are Pittsburgh’s leading storage company and we can provide you with safe, clean, dry, climate controlled storage units. Also, we can offer you cheap storage units Pittsburgh, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to store your things. Get in touch with Movin’ Murdy professionals to get your free quote!

we can offer you cheap storage units Pittsburgh, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to store your things.
If in need of an affordable storage do not hesitate to give us a call!

We can provide you with cheap storage units Pittsburgh

If you need self -storage Pittsburgh for an affordable price, you are in the right place. Now, you can forget about a house full of unnecessary items, and little place for playing with your children. With our cheap storage units, you have a place to store your things safely without worries and spending a lot of money.

We know that it can be very difficult to find a cheap storage unit in Pittsburgh near you. That’s why we can rent your storage units to store your things without emptying your wallet. Also, we know that all your stuff is precious to you, so keeping them safe and protected is our prime goal. Our moving and storage company can guarantee you a safe place for your stuff at an affordable price.

Storage options with Movin’ Murdy

Movin’ Murdy is one of the leaders in moving and storage industry in Pittsburgh. We can handle all your relocation requirements as well as your storage needs. Finding reliable and cheap movers in Pittsburgh is important as renting cheap storage units Pittsburgh. Everyone wants to have reliable, quality but affordable moving and storage services.

We are happy to offer you safe, affordable and clean storage units. This option you can also pay if you need a place to store your free cardboard boxes while you are moving your house from one place to another. Also, our cheap storage units Pittsburgh you can use to store items that are taking a lot of space in your home.

a stuffed toy in a storage unit
Keep your items safe in our storage units while away from home

What should you know about cheap storage units Pittsburgh?

We want to help you understand everything about cheap storage units in Pittsburgh. You should know that you can rent it in case of:

  • Moving your house and you need a cheap place to place your stuff until you settle in your new home
  • Cleaning your house from unnecessary stuff or seasonal things you are not using right now

So, if you are moving or decluttering your home, don’t hesitate and contact us to rent you the best cheap storage units Pittsburgh.

Before renting, decide what kind of storage you need

When you need to rent a storage unit in Pittsburgh you need to know what type of storage unit is right for you. There are many storage types and you need to choose one that fits your needs. One important tip is not to rent a storage unit that is too small to store all your items. This is not a good way to save your money. It is a better option to find a bigger but affordable storage unit in Pittsburgh.

When you are searching for the perfect storage unit for your belongings, think about stuff you need to pack and store. You need to know the weight and size of your stuff before you rent a storage unit. If you are going to hire local movers Pittsburgh, you probably already have some moving boxes packed, so think how much more you need to pack and choose the storage unit. Most of the local movers Pittsburgh offer affordable storage units as a part of moving deal.

Also, if you need to store fragile or valuable things in cheap storage unit Pittsburgh, you need to think how to find the perfect place to protect it, so you can be sure that your stuff is safe at climate controlled spaces. But, you need to be aware that for climate controlled storage units you will need to pay more. So, cheap storage units are not the perfect option for your valuable and fragile items which require ideal temperature conditions.

Cheap storage units Pittsburgh
Store your valuables in a tidy and climate-controlled unit

Climate Controlled Storage

It is good to choose climate controlled storage if you want to protect your stuff from the mold, cracking, yellowing, dust, bugs, etc. These storage facilities are the best option for fragile items like fine art, computers, wood furniture, etc. Maybe these units are not cheap like others without temperature control, but if you have extra money, don’t hesitate and rent it.

Other facilities like boat, truck, and car storage units are big units and for them, you will need to pay more money.

How much is really cheap storage unit in Pittsburgh?

When you are renting cheap storage units Pittsburgh you need to know which factors have an effect on the price of storage units.

  • The size of the unit

How much your storage unit will be cheap it depends on the size of storage units. That’s why smaller storage units in Pittsburgh are often smaller than larger units.

  • The location of the unit in the storage facility

The location of your storage unit also has a big influence on the price. Usually, storage units on the first floor are cheaper than other units.

  • The location of the facility

The price also depends on the location of the facility.

interior of the cheap storage units Pittsburgh
How much your storage unit will cost you depends on the size, location and special features

What about additional features?

If you want additional features in your cheap storage unit, you will need to pay more for it. If you want temperature control, insurance or something else you will need to pay more for it.

Are there discounts for renting storage units Pittsburgh?

If you want to have discounts on your storage units, chances are you will score one if you are renting our storage units for long-term. So, the longer you rent our storage units Pittsburgh, the bigger discounts you will have.

To know the exact price of our cheap storage units Pittsburgh, contact us for more information. Movin’ Murdy professionals will gladly explain the entire course of the moving and storage process.


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