Cheap backyard lighting ideas

Have you just moved into your new home in Pittsburgh? Do you want to arrange a party in your backyard for your new neighbors? We understand you want to show yourself in the best light to new people after moving to Pittsburgh. So, how to do it? With cheap backyard lighting ideas, you can easily beautify and decorate your backyard party.

Lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add up some romance to your backyard. If you like spending time outdoors, you will be inspired by our enchanting backyard lighting ideas. Find out how to add some beauty to your patios, porches, trees, tables in the backyard, etc. All our backyard lighting fixtures are easy to install, so you can prepare your following party quickly and without spending a fortune. You don’t need expensive wiring, you just need to be creative and imaginative. Trust us, after you install it, outdoor lights will become your favorite things ever. Your new neighbors will be fascinated and you will have happy and relaxing moments under the stars.

If you want to really enjoy your summer months in your backyard, we bring you some cheap backyard lighting ideas.

Backyard lighting ideas for patios and walkways: globe lights

Enjoy your summer nights with cheap backyard lighting ideas

Most of the following outdoor lighting ideas are easy to install. It will take less than 1 hours and it is simple to find materials for this project. You can use everything you already have in your home, for example, empty jars, tin cans, shells, etc. So, let’s start beautifying your backyard.

Backyard lighting ideas for patios and walkways

If you have patios and walkways in your garden in PA, the perfect way to beautify them is to install some patio lighting such as globe lights. You can attach them to trees, walls, etc. This is the perfect way to light up your backyard party. Besides globe lights, you can out some LED tea lights inside paper lanterns and you will get a romantic walkway through your backyard. Origami lanterns are also a great way to decorate your patios and walkways. Origami balloons you should fill with battery-operated lights and decorate them with ribbons – your neighbors will be enchanted.

Outdoor lighting with empty jar and candles

This easy backyard lighting idea is a great way to decorate your backyard party. In your empty mason jars, you can put some flowers, water, vegetable oil and candle, and you will make a great decoration and lights for your backyard. You can put jars on your table or on the patios. Also, in jars, you can put just big candles and attach them to your porch and trees.

If you want to decorate your jars you can add some colors. You just need some colors and imagination. Or if you know or you want to learn how to do a decoupage it is also a good way to decorate your glass jars with pieces of tissue paper.

Jars with lighting
You can put some lighting in your empty jars and they will be a great decoration for your backyard

Floating Candles – a great way to decorate your table in the backyard

Waterproof candles floating in a water can really change the look of your backyard. Floating candles are cheap and instant idea to add some decoration to your summer table. You will feel like you are in a tropical resort. This is one of the best ways to make your Zen space in your Pittsburgh garden.

Backyard lighting ideas for Outdoor Tables

The table in your backyard is the center of decoration. You can easily fill it with lights and decorations. Just be imaginative and you will make some shimmering glow to your backyard table. Besides lanterns, jars, and cans, candles and shells are a great way to decorate your terrace and garden.

The table in your backyard is the center of decoration. Put some candles and shells on it.

Glowing Shell Arrangement

If you have some oversize shells or you want to buy them it is a great way to decorate your summer table. Shells will give you a touch of the seashore and also the romantic atmosphere. Shells you can find in souvenir shops and you can fill them will candles or arrange them will some other decorations such as flowers. Set them on your table and enjoy your vine under the stars.

Candle and shells - great backyard lighting idea
Candles and shells are always a great way to decorate your backyard

Bottle Beauty

Everyone has some empty bottle in the house. Bottles are a great, easy and cheap way to decorate your table in the backyard or on the porch. Fil they with lamp oil and wicks and you will get cheap and simple backyard lighting.

Shell Candles

If you are a shell collector, this is a great time to use them to decorate your backyard table. Make lovely decoration by outing some candles inside them. You will get the romantic atmosphere in your garden.

We at Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh movers understand all your needs to make your new home more comfortable and enjoyable. That’s why you can count on our many services, including packing and unpacking services so you can enjoy your new home while our professionals help you settle down.  We hope our cheap backyard lighting ideas will be helpful to you to make a perfect summer night in your garden or porch.

Enjoy your summer night under the stars in your backyard


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