Category: After the move

October 28, 2019

How to celebrate Halloween in Pittsburgh after you move in

Looking forward to Halloween? Explore different ways to celebrate Halloween in Pittsburgh this year. There are events, festivals, and all ...

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October 21, 2019

 Donate unwanted items after relocation

A big part of the moving process is finished once you get to your new place, but there is still ...

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October 8, 2019

Handle disputes with landlords like a pro

There are many people that find a perfect landlord. This means they do not have to worry about the roof ...

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August 30, 2019

What to do on the first day in your new home

When we are preparing for a move, most of us will focus on the process of packing and relocating. Since ...

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August 4, 2019

Top ideas for housewarming gifts for new homeowners

Everyone gets an invite to a housewarming party. When you get invited to one of these you will have to ...

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June 28, 2019

The best parks in Pittsburgh to visit

If you have recently moved to Pittsburgh, it is good to know some useful information about the city. And if ...

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