Can you pack your office for relocation in a day?

You have been planning your office relocation for a long time, and the time has come to finish relocation, pack everything, and make the transfer. The best for your day to day business is to pack your office for relocation in one day. For long-distance moves, it is best to hire a moving company that specializes in this type of move. Long-distance movers Pittsburgh PA could organize commercial move according to your needs. In the meantime, don’t forget to finish other important tasks like these.

Get to know your new office

It will make your job and relocation much easier if you prepare details regarding your move. That means that you need to plan your relocation to every single detail. A part of that plan is to make a new office layout. If it doesn’t seem important right now, you are wrong. 

No matter how many workplaces you will have, it is best to know in advance, so you and your employees don’t waste any time. The key is to make the transfer and continue with your business without any hiccups. The office layout should contain details. To do this properly, you need to take measurements of your new office space. Knowing new space will also help you to pack your office for relocation in a day. Another solution is to ask your office movers Pittsburgh PA to do this for you.

Office layout helps to pack your office for relocation in a day
Detail office layout will help you both pack and unpack your office

Pack your furniture, documents, office materials according to their future place or room. That means that you pack and label boxes according to their future position and not the current place. That is an enormous help when you start unpacking. Every box will be right where it should, and you can faster finish unpacking and organizing your new office.

While you are planning a new office layout, you can check with your staff if they are missing anything for their workspace. It can be anything from a desk lamp to a new chair or desk. Buy and have it delivered to your new office. 

Organize your staff

Commercial moving is, by all means, demanding and stressful for everybody, especially for employers. You have to delegate to your employees. If you have a small office, you probably know your employees best. Use this to assign them tasks that they can manage. 

If you want to pack your office for relocation in a day, you have to work like a well-oiled machine. Make sure that everybody is doing their job when the packing day comes. You can’t afford to lose any time packing. To save time, you could sort all documents and relevant paperwork and store them in a storage unit. If there is a lot of documents, consider packing them for long term storage.

Start early

Prepare your office before a packing day. Everything you aren’t using often, pack in advance to save time.

Sunrise in a city
Starting early provides you more time to pack your office for relocation in a day

When your packing day comes, you have to start bright and early. Dawn is perfect for the beginning, don’t you think so? Starting this early will not only give you a much longer day, but also you will be more productive early in the morning. You will be more efficient. Organize everybody from your staff to help you. Put your task list or moving plan to a visible place. Everybody will know what their job is and it is easily accessible in case somebody wants to check and be sure.

Don’t waste any time on thinking

If you have finished all preparations, including document sorting, then when the packing day comes, just PACK. If you lose time on thinking and sorting while packing, you won’t be able to finish in one day. Be fast but efficient. Make sure that you properly label every box you pack. When you arrive at a new office, you can sort anything you hadn’t sorted before you packed. Packing day has to be all about packing. Be careful when you pack fragile items, fill the void in boxes, so they don’t break during transport. But if you lose time on deciding what goes where and trying to stick with the theme in a box, it will be stressful and slow. You will have plenty of time to sort out everything when you settle in your new office. 

Inventory lists are a great solution before you start to pack. If you haven’t had time to do this, you can write on boxes what is inside. For example, don’t write just office material. Later you won’t know what exactly is there. Write a little more descriptive, but try to use a couple of words. Waste of time is to write an essay on every single box.

Leave large furniture for movers

Movers are professionals who are trained to handle bulky furniture. They also have the necessary equipment to disassemble and reassemble furniture for transport. Leave them to do their job. You just need to supervise it. Hiring a moving company is a smart move that will mostly pay off when things get crazy and stressful. When you tend to pack your office for relocation in a day, you have to anticipate stressful situations. One of the best upsides of hiring movers is their experience and know-how and help you to move more stressfree.

Boxes on a hand trolley
Movers have the necessary equipment and tools to make packing and moving easier.

No matter if you have a small or large office, relocation is always demanding and stressful. This is the main reason to plan and prepare everything in advance, so you can pack in a day, without thinking too much. Find a reliable moving company, because a commercial move is even more demanding and complicated than regular house relocation. 

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