Best places for families in Pennsylvania 

If you are looking to relocate to Pennsylvania with your family, there are lots of things to consider. While singles look for places that are close to their work, families with children choose a place to settle down. They are looking for more than an affordable home that is close to a subway. Families with children usually become homeowners and they invest in the community. They have to choose the best place to raise a family and the best long distance movers in Pittsburgh that will help them relocate without stress. Keep reading and find out about the best places for families in Pennsylvania.

Choose between the best places for families in Pennsylvania?

Families with children usually look for specific aspects of a city before they relocate. The good neighboorhood and the great school that is close to home are not the only aspects parents will consider. There are a handful of aspects that affect a parents decision for relocation. On the other hand, they can find a good school but the safety of the neighborhood may be a problem. In another city, they may find the perfect housing opportunities but without much nature. To choose among best places for families in Pennsylvania, you have to conduct a trough search of each place. After you pick which city in Pennsylvania is best for you and your family, contact the best movers in Pittsburgh.


children in the fountain
Choose the best city in Pennsylvania for your child to grow up in.

Jefferson Hills

One of the suburbs of Pittsburgh in Jefferson Hills. It is located about 15 miles south of the big Pittsburgh city. Jefferson Hills has a great school system. Its local school district is ranked No. 15 out of the 104 school systems in the country region around Pittsburg. Its name is West Jefferson Hills. Pittsburgh has a seven-county region around the big city. On the other hand, Statewide has the even better position. It ranks as a number 51 out of 497 schools on math, reading, and science.


Greensburg is the seat of Westmoreland County. It is a part of the Pittsburgh metro area and is about a 45-minute drive from the city center. Its city is a big supporter of arts. The community has institutions connected to arts like Westmoreland Museum of American Art and the Palace Theatre. It is one of the best places for families in Pennsylvania with great nature. If you like spending time outdoors with your children, Greensburg is a great place for you. There are numerous trails for biking, cross-country skiing, and jogging. This city offers activities for any season and any weather.


Phoenixville is located in Chester County. It is close to the city of Philadelphia. It is great for families that support arts and crafts. One district of Phoenixville is in in the National Register of Historic Places. It features art galleries, interesting restaurants, and beautiful antique stores. This is the city that is rapidly expanding. The tourism thrives in this area through drastic renovation projects. All over the suburb of Philadelphia, you can see the restaurants, bars, and apartment buildings popping up. The downtown area is famous for live music and great food. This city is affordable for most people and that is why it is so culturally diverse. If you decide to move to Phoenixville, make sure you find the long distance moving professionals Pittsburgh to help you relocate.

Enjoy the beautiful Pennsylvania nature with your family.

Other interesting cities for families with children in Pennsylvania


This city is located just outside of Philadelphia. It has the local school district, Marple Newtown, that offers 16 AP courses and 32 honors courses. Broomall is a home to Ridley Creek State Park with 2,606 acres of woodlands and meadows. It is perfect for family picnics and for residents that love hiking, biking, and fishing.


Easton is a town in and the seat of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The city is located roughly 55 miles north of Philadelphia and 70 miles west of New York City. The town holds a great amount of history. Easton is the home to Lafayette College. It has beautiful nature and interesting rural areas. You can take a long drive and get away. The town has a beautiful downtown scenery where you can take your children for a walk on long summer nights.


City in and the county seat of Crawford County, Pennsylvania in Meadville. It is located within 90 miles of Pittsburgh. It is one of the best places for families in Pennsylvania. It offers a variety of versatile restaurants. In Meadville, you can find plenty of places to buy a vehicle, new or used. The Movies at Meadville’ has a variety of movies for families with children.

How to prepare for moving to Pennsylvania as a family?

When moving with a family, you have to be sure you find the best Pittsburgh movers for your relocation. To choose the best moving company for your relocation, make sure you ask your movers for the official moving quote. The moving quote is an estimate of the moving costs. Before you sign any deal with a moving company, consider getting more than one moving quote from different moving companies. That way you will choose the best movers that suit your needs with ease.

child playing in your new home in one of the best places for families in Pennsylvania
Let your child prepare for relocation and see that the move can be fun.

After you choose your new destination, consider planning your relocation in detail. While you plan your move to one of the best places for families in Pennsylvania, help your child:

  • prepare and accept the fact that you’re changing homes.
  • get a good idea for a new school and friends.
  • see the move as something fun and exciting.
  • pack up his own room and toys.

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