Best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals

When you are young, you have enough energy and will to devour the World. However, your strong will isn’t enough – not unless you are in a thriving environment. If you are looking for such a place, we strongly suggest you give Pittsburgh a thought! If you are young, moving to Pennsylvania may be one of the best things you can do for your future. And moving to Pittsburgh, a large metropolitan area is the logical next choice. In order to help you find a perfect home that gives you more than enough of what you need to succeed in life, we’ve taken a look into some of the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals. All you have to do is choose one! Whichever you choose, though, you won’t make a mistake!

Countdown of the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals

We would just like to begin by saying that we didn’t place the neighborhoods in any specific order. Just because a neighborhood is the last one on our list doesn’t mean we consider it to be any less worthy than the others on our list.

A view of houses in one of the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals.
Life in Pittsburgh will be fun, fulfilling, and successful. What more could you need?

1. Downtown

With slightly under 5,000 residents, Downtown is the perfect neighborhood for anything really. It’s large enough that it offers certain amenities, such as great storage units Pittsburgh, and yet it’s small enough for everyone to know each other. As of today, many young professionals live in Downtown, which inevitably makes this place a liberal one. However, there is one small flaw to the neighborhood – schools in its vicinity were graded with an average of C-. That might present a problem in the long run – if you decide to start a family in Downtown, of course.

2. Lawrenceville

Another great neighborhood in Pittsburgh for young professionals inevitably is the neighborhood of Lower Lawrenceville. The place has around 2,500 residents, making it a much smaller neighborhood than Downtown. But that’s exactly what some people like – at least those that are looking for some peace and quiet. Even though small, Lower Lawrenceville has a plethora of parks, restaurants, and entertainment venues. And that may be the key feature that makes it so great for young professionals. We all know that young people love their fun. As well as they should, as it’s when you are young that you should enjoy life the most! The responsibilities will certainly come.

Three women hugging and smiling.
Lower Lawrenceville will keep you entertained at all hours.

3. Polish Hill

Make no mistake – Polish Hill will give you a suburban vibe since it does have only around 1,200 residents. However, that’s precisely why some people love it – because Polish Hill is one of those places where neighbors say hay to each other on the street. You are wondering how that fits into the life of young professionals, right? Well, just think about the neighborhoods’ safety. Polish Hill is a rather safe neighborhood and, young or old, that’s something we all need. That’s why Polish Hill rightfully earns Movin’ Murdy’s badge of approval.

4. Shadyside

If you are not looking for a small and tight-knit neighborhood, head over to Shadyside. Besides being one of the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals, it’s also one of the best places for families. The schools here were graded with an A, which gives you an idea as to why Shadyside should be on everyone’s list of the best neighborhoods. However, Shadyside does have one downside, and some consider it to be a pretty big one – the housing costs. With a median home value being $278, 803, life in this neighborhood may be out of your price range. But, if changing your address to Shadyside is a feasible option, we strongly recommend you do it!

Dollar bills.
The prices in Shadyside could be an unpleasant surprise.

5. Bloomfield

What a good portion of Bloomfield’s residents usually have to about it is that they love the neighborhood’s diversity. Bloomfield has the perfect ratio between the median household income and the median house prices. However, as with all the other neighborhoods on our list, Bloomfield also has a few downsides. Well, that’s quite normal, since nothing’s ever perfect. The crime and safety are rated with a C. When you take a closer look into the statistics, you’ll see that the majority of crimes are above the national average, which can certainly be a cause for concern. Still, with all the other benefits it has, Bloomfield is one of the best neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area for young professionals.

The makings of the best Pittsburgh neighborhood for young professionals

We gave you our top 5 picks of the neighborhoods we think will be the best ones for you. But, in case you want to do your own search, we more than support you! That’s the reason why we would like to bring you in on a few characteristics we find to be important in order for a neighborhood to be marked as one of the best.

Note: Bear in mind that one neighborhood can usually never have all of the following characteristics. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call the best residential movers Pittsburgh to relocate you there. It means you should decide what your dealbreakers are and stick to them.

So, when looking for the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Pittsburgh, pay attention to:

  • The neighborhood’s safety
  • The overall vibe (whether it’s urban or suburban)
  • Median house prices
  • The vicinity of different amenities
  • The school district

As simple as that! Once you compare the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods for young professionals we brought to your attention with the ones you found on your own, we have no doubt you’ll have a clear winner. Although, as previously stated, whichever neighborhood you choose, you really can’t make too big of a mistake. The city of Pittsburgh has taken care of that.

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