Best Pennsylvania cities for startups

If there is a state good for small businesses and startups – it’s Pennsylvania. With the economy growing and many young professionals moving to PA, you should definitely consider looking for the best Pennsylvania cities for startups. This state is very inviting when it comes to starting a new business. Pennsylvania is the one state that has something for everybody, and if you are moving to Pennsylvania with your family in hopes of starting a new business, you will be welcomed here.

Not surprisingly, some of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups are also the biggest metropolitan areas in the state. With 12 million people living here, it’s hard to believe that Pennsylvania is open to new job opportunities. However, if you are an owner of a small business, this is the state you should consider moving to. Take a look at the best Pennsylvania cities for startups.


The city of Pittsburgh is one of the most developed areas in Pennsylvania. If you are looking to start your business in PA, or to move the existing one, consider moving to Pittsburgh. This city’s economy is developing very fast, and so is the technology industry. Pittsburgh is even rated one of the smartest cities in the USA. Many world-renowned corporate companies have their offices in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh at night.
If you are looking to start your business in PA, or to move the existing one, consider moving to Pittsburgh, which is one of the best cities in Pennsylvania for startups.

Pittsburgh is definitely one of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups. When it comes to supporting new businesses, the city’s government and funding sources are pretty generous. If you are also looking to open additional job positions in your new company, you will get support for sure. If you are planning to move your business to Pittsburgh, consider researching the job market. You will need to find a proper location and get all of your documents in order.

Philadelphia is one of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups

Philadelphia is known as the city with a large number of startup companies. There are more than 300 of them just in the city. This city encourages the opening of smaller shops and corporate businesses alike. If you are looking for the best Pennsylvania cities for startups, Philadelphia should definitely be on your list. Not only are over 500 companies located in the city, but Philly is also a mecca for technology and entrepreneur related businesses. Besides the numerous job opportunities, the city organizes various events related to the startup business strategies.

Buildings in Philadelphia, which is one of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups.
Philadelphia is a mecca for technology and entrepreneur related businesses, so you should think about moving here.

If you are looking to hire new employees in your company, you can count on the young professionals from Philadelphia. With over 100 universities in the city and a high graduation rate, you will most like find many interesting candidates.


This small city is located nearby Lake Erie, that spreads across few states. Although only around 100,000 residents live in Erie, it’s economy has blossomed during the last decade. The best part about this city is that its community is very supportive of starting a small business. They organize many events, seminars, and gatherings in order to support new startup companies. If you are looking for the best Pennsylvania cities for startups – Erie should be the one to consider. If you plan to move or open a new startup company in Erie, you can expect the community to help you prepare and promote your story. You can even discuss all the problems, skills and strategies with other people in your area of expertise.

Here’s how you can move your business to Pennsylvania with ease

If you already own a business and plan to move it to Pennsylvania, here’s what you need to do. First of all, you will need a certain budget for the move. There are many ways to calculate your moving costs, but the best way to do it is by making a list. Here are the most common costs you can expect when moving your business to Pennsylvania:

  • The costs of hiring a moving company. Commercial movers usually offer either a partial or full office moving services.
  • Preparing the paperwork for your company. You will need some permissions to start a business in a new state. Also, you might need to pay for the extra expenses for moving your employees in another state, if you made that kind of a deal.
  • Family relocation costs. If you are moving with your family, there might be various costs. Legal paperwork, school documents for children, insurance papers… they might all be a part of your moving budget.
  • Starting a new company in Pennsylvania? If you are, you should get informed. Every type of business requires different costs. If you don’t have an unlimited budget, you can always expand your investments after some time.
  • Rent for a new office space. Once you choose one of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups, you will need a new office space. The best thing you can do is to hire a realtor and research different properties.

Consider hiring professional business movers

If you already picked one of the best cities for startups in Pennsylvania, you might want to start preparing for your move as soon as possible. Whether you’re moving as a young professional or with a family of four, consider hiring a professional help for your move. Reliable and experienced movers like Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers can help make all the difference.

An office desk.
Professional business movers can save you time and secure your office inventory for the moving process.

Not only will you save time on planning the moving process, but you will also be sure that your office inventory is safe. Moving to one of the best Pennsylvania cities for startups can be done trouble free if you plan your move the right way. Get all the information you need and start preparing for starting your new business!

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