Best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh

Working all day long and not having enough time for ourselves and our family is something we all experience. Remember the time you could just forget about the worries, grab your backpack and go anywhere you want to? Sadly, you can’t do that now anytime you want to. But this doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of adventure! In order to reduce the stress levels caused by your new lifestyle, you should be outside more. And what better place to do so, than Pittsburgh?  There are a lot of outdoor activities in Pittsburgh, perfect for all of us who want to escape the concrete jungle we live in.

Why is Pittsburgh the best city for you?

What brings out the best in Pittsburgh is its friendly people, unique places and great cuisine. Whether you want to visit museums, play sports or go to festivals, you will have everything in this city. And the great thing about living here is that living costs aren’t expensive! You can live in a nice, cozy home, try delicious food from different restaurants and still have enough money for your weekend activities. But, if money still concerns you, here is a little secret. Pittsburgh is home to over 500 companies and the number just keeps growing. So, if you are in search of a new job, there is a big chance your job hunt will end with success. For these reasons and many more, moving to Pittsburgh can’t be a bad idea!

What are the best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh?

Apart from its economy and low living costs, we can’t forget to mention its great outdoors. There are many outdoor activities in Pittsburgh. You can take a tour by a bike or go kayaking. Swim in clear water or hike while being covered in mud. You can enjoy having a family picnic or head off to your favorite Pittsburgh festivals. No matter what your choice is, here are a few outdoor activities you can’t miss when you are in Pittsburgh.

Try hiking

If you like to hike, you probably already know some of the best hiking trails are within a two to three-hour ride of Pittsburgh. The rugged hills of Pennsylvania offer different hiking trails, perfect for experts and beginners, too. So, you can choose between an extended trip with your best friends or going for a short walk with your family. Either way, you won’t be sorry for going on this adventure. Let’s not forget hiking is a good workout we all need in order to stay in good shape.

Two people hiking, which is one of the best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh.
Hiking has many advantages – the smell of nature, fresh air, and breathtaking views.

Kayak downtown

Pittsburgh is constantly ranked as one of the best U.S. cities for kayaking. This is because it is located at the junction of three rivers. And more rivers equal more places for kayaking and more fun, too. If you are one of those adventurous types who think cruises are boring, you will most definitely want to explore the city this way. The river ride will give you a great view of the downtown and you will have the opportunity to look at Pittsburgh from a different perspective. It might even inspire you to think of the cheap landscaping ideas for your new Pittsburgh home.

If you don’t know how to kayak but still want to be on the river, Pittsburgh’s got you covered. You have the opportunity to learn kayaking from the best in no time. Don’t forget, safety comes first! Only after you feel confident enough to go kayaking can you start your new and exciting adventure.

Visit a sporting event

Ask any local and he will tell you that sports in Pittsburgh are a part of its culture. This city is home to sports like baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer and many more. Pittsburgh is a city that is known as ” The City of Champions”. Therefore, if you want to be a true Pittsburgh resident and not stand out, you will want to check out a sporting event in your vicinity. Seeing your favorite team play will pump your adrenaline and you will forget about the stress you felt at work. So, what are the two outdoor places a sports fan in Pittsburgh can’t miss?

  • Heinz Field – is home of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, and it should definitely be one of the places to visit while in Pittsburgh. If you are in love with NFL and are also a Steelers fan, you can’t miss visiting Heinz Field.
  • PNC Park – a home to Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. Being so close to the action in this famous baseball park makes it one of the best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh for any sports fan.

    PNC Park Pittsburgh.
    Get away from the everyday jungle we live in and watch your favorite game with your best friends.

Go for a cycling adventure

If you are a nature lover and a cycling enthusiast, too, call Pittsburgh movers and wait no more for your relocation. This is the perfect place for you! Pittsburgh’s unique blend of the spiraling high hills and flat rivers make it the best location to go for an adventure with your friends. Grab your bikes and decide together which trail you will conquer. You can start with Eliza Furnace Trail, which is a part of the larger one – Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Or go for a more scenic route along the Steel Valley. No matter what you choose, you will have a great time doing one of the best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh.

Enjoy in your backyard

Sometimes we try so hard but still don’t manage to find some spare time to explore the hidden gems of Pennsylvania. But this doesn’t mean you have to stay inside your home. Instead of doing this, make a small party or a cook-off right in your backyard.  Invite your friends and family, and play with your children and pets. You can do whatever you want, it is your backyard, after all. And here is an extra idea! If you want to transform your backyard into a perfect place for small parties and perfect nights with your loved ones, install an outdoor fireplace and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors under the stars.

Grilling outside.
Who says best outdoor activities in Pittsburgh have to be located outside your yard?

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