Best College Locations in Pennsylvania

The time a person spends in college is the most exciting one! You finally get to leave your parents` nest and become an independent person. 9 AM lectures and parties that last well into the early morning hours are just one small part of college life. In case you are already living here or contemplating moving to Pennsylvania for studies, you are in luck. There is not a shortage of elite colleges in Pennsylvania, able to fit everyone`s tastes and preferences. Our guide on the best college locations in Pennsylvania is something every high school student should read, as they will get a few good ideas on where to go to next.

We begin our countdown of the best college locations in Pennsylvania with everyone`s personal favorite

The University of Pennsylvania is considered as one of the best universities the USA has to offer. If you are wondering what makes UPenn so popular, wait until you hear the fact that UPenn`s alumni have a starting salary of $67,500 annually. Not a small number for someone who just got out of college. Since we don`t live in a perfect world, the acceptance rate at UPenn is only 9%. That means that high school students all over the country must have stellar grades and SAT scores.

If you do manage to enroll at the University of Pennsylvania, you are looking at majors such as Finance, Nursing, and Economics, to name a few. UPenn will definitely open up a lot of doors for you in the future, which is why working hard towards getting accepted will not be an effort that goes in vain.

A library filled with students.
The University of Pennsylvania`s students end up as highly-skilled and sought after individuals.

Philadelphia offers a few good options

As the largest city in Pennsylvania, it would be a surprise if Philly did not have a few world-class colleges. And, since Philly never disappoints, you can count on it to always give you the best. After all, Philly is not only one of the best US cities for families, but it is also equally suitable for those just starting out in life.

Thomas Jefferson University

Even though a very small private university with only 648 undergraduates, the Thomas Jefferson University is very nurturing towards those that manage to enroll. The most popular majors include Medical Practice, Ultrasound Technician and Medical Laboratory Technician. You might think that such a small college does not have too much to offer. But, think again, as the alumni who come out of this university get a starting salary of $66,500. Remember, UPenn`s alumni earn only a thousand dollars more than that, and the University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League College!

University of the Arts

If you are an artistic soul, you should consider the University of the Arts, which is one of the best college locations in Pennsylvania. This is a private university, with 1,679 undergraduates enrolled. While the admission competitiveness cannot compare to UPenn, the University of the Arts is also not the easiest college to get into. The acceptance rate is 77%, which means that there are hundreds of students who end up rejected. Moreover, popular majors at the University of the Arts include Dance, Music Performance and Illustration. In case you decide to dedicate your life to art, you now know a good place where to start.

Brushes in a jar.
Artists will feel right at home at the University of the Arts.

Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh

When it comes to public universities in Pennsylvania, you can hardly do better than the University of Pittsburgh. There is an age-old debate on the benefits and drawbacks of public universities, so we won`t dwell on that for too long. What we will say is that if you want to get a world-class education at a public university, you should contemplate moving to Pittsburgh. Looking at the statistical data of this university may make it more obvious why it is considered one of the best college locations in Pennsylvania!

  • The University of Pittsburgh`s acceptance rate is 55%.
  • There are 18,163 undergraduate students currently enrolled.
  • Psychology, Finance, and Liberal Arts are just some of the most popular majors.
  • An average University of Pittsburgh`s alumni starting salary is $37,600.

Not bad for a public university, don`t you agree? If you are a high school student looking for good yet affordable options, think about the University of Pittsburgh.

Study at the best public college in Pennsylvania

If the University of Pittsburgh was the second best public college in Pennsylvania, it is only logical that we reveal the best one. Namely, the college you are looking for is Penn State. It is a massive institution, with 40,139 undergraduate students! The acceptance rate is somewhat similar to the University of Pittsburgh. With that in mind, you should work hard towards getting accepted and acing your SAT`s.

A book and glasses.
You can`t get into the best college locations in Pennsylvania without studying hard.

As a future student, what might be interesting for you is the fact that Penn State was named as the 10th best college for student life in America! Hence, you will get a chance to be a member of numerous student clubs and more. What Penn State`s alumni love is the fact that they get to live in a beautiful and vibrant campus. What more could you need from your future college?

A tough choice is ahead of you

You have to choose only one option among all the best college locations in Pennsylvania! Not an easy task! But, once you do choose, you have a whole new life in front of you. You get to move into your new dorm room and get a new roommate. Just make sure you don`t overstuff your small dorm with all of your items. In case you can`t leave your high school memorabilia at home, consider renting self storage in Pittsburgh or Philly. It will help you keep your items close to you. After all, don`t forget to study and have fun at the same time. That mix is what college life is all about!

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