How to avoid Pittsburgh moving frauds

Relocation is always a major risk – no matter the size or distance. Not only are you moving to a different neighborhood or city, but you also need to plan everything. Otherwise, the potential consequences can be critical. Imagine hiring what you think are experienced and professional Pittsburgh movers only to later realize that they are not what they seemed. Next thing you know, you are in debt because you were over-charged for moving services. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening. And that is simply by learning how to identify and avoid Pittsburgh moving frauds.

Prevent Pittsburgh moving frauds from looting your home.
Don’t let yourself be scammed by a true moving Pittsburgh pirate.

What are the risks of hiring fraudulent Pittsburgh movers?

When you plan the relocation of your valuables, you want them transported in one piece. Because imagine if you went and hired non-certified Pittsburgh moving company that just started working. Or even worse, a relocation company that no one has heard of until now. You invite one of two things to happen:

  1. Your belongings are mishandled and end up damaged in transit. And if you forgot to get an insurance claim with the mover or a third-party company – “Pittsburgh, we have a problem!”
  2. You hire a shady Pittsburgh moving company that turns out to be a fraudulent business. As a result, you end up over-charged for moving services provided. Or your stuff ends up being stolen and you never see the seemingly professional mover you hired.

Whatever the case, it’s not a pleasant experience. And this is why you should by all means avoid Pittsburgh moving frauds.

How will I recognize Pittsburgh moving frauds?

Technology is advancing constantly and so are ways of scamming people via online portals and deals. However, with the technological advancement of frauds, so are security measures upgraded. And among those, you can now learn all you need about spotting fraudulent movers. So recognizing Pittsburgh moving frauds can easily be done using the following steps:

Don't let Pittsburgh moving frauds trick you and hide themselves from you.
The best way to recognize Pittsburgh moving frauds is with help of others.
  • Avoid unverified sources for recommendations– independent third-party websites such as Craigslist are a definite NO! Those websites only look to take money for advertising businesses and do not bother to screen their validity.
  • Check customer reviews and feedback– nowadays you can find anything online. And included in that is information about Pittsburgh moving companies and services they provide. The easiest way to identify Pittsburgh moving frauds is through shared experiences of others. So type the name of the mover on Google and see what comes up.
  • Check the website– any professional mover that cares for their business will have an official website. After all, we are slowly headed towards a time where everything one needs, they will look for online. And what better source of information than an official website for the Pittsburgh mover you are planning on hiring. Check for any inconsistencies, lack of information or reviews etc.

Are there organizations that can help warn me of Pittsburgh moving frauds?

You can be certain that there are. All fields of business have one or more state-operated organizations that regulate their work and do quality control. So when it comes to verifying the services of potential moving companies Pittsburgh has to offer, you can consult with:

  1. Better Business Bureau. The BBB regulates the work of businesses in general, no matter the type of work. You can find their evaluations of all companies, which they grade depending on the quality of services/products they offer. In addition to this, you can also file complaints against the conduct of businesses. And you can read any past complaints.
  2. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you plan to move long distances, it’s important that your Pittsburgh movers are properly licensed. And among those licenses are vehicle and driving permits to ensure proper transportation. And this is where FMSCA comes in handy to provide proof of license.
  3. American Moving & Storage Association. AMSA is a professional non-profit organization that represents moving companies based in the United States. Other than offering training programs and certifications for movers, it can also provide useful insight into operating moving companies.

What extra steps can I take to prevent Pittsburgh moving frauds

Basically, the best step you can take is not to hire the moving company to begin with. However, there are still ways in which you can double check and make sure that the mover is valid.

Contact the movers over the phone

Reaching out to movers directly can significantly help you understand how professional they are. Because Pittsburgh moving frauds will not be that interested in answering all your questions. Instead, they will try to rush you into the deal and probably ask for payment in advance. Another thing they might attempt is to promise you abnormally low estimates to lure you into choosing them over other Pittsburgh moving companies.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation

This is something that any Pittsburgh moving frauds will try to avoid. So it is critical that you ask them to make an in-house estimate. And by doing this, you will ensure that the movers you are communicating with are indeed what they say. The representative should be able to provide questions to all answers related to the relocation. And you should negotiate costs and payment terms while you have them there.

Don't play into Pittsburgh moving frauds hands by singing shady contracts.
Be extra careful and read everything twice before you sign off on movers.

Pay close attention to the contract you sign

If you decide to hire any professional Pittsburgh moving company, they should always be able and willing to provide a valid contract. Some movers will also have a seemingly legitimate contract in place, but with tricky small prints. This is why you need to focus on reading through the entire contract before singing it. And the moment you notice something out of place, feel free to insist on a modification.

Parting words to the wise

There you have it – all you need in order to avoid not only Pittsburgh moving frauds, but any fraudulent business. You can technically apply this to any type of company you plan on dealing with.

And don’t be selfish and let all your hard work go unregistered. If you do uncover a fraudulent Pittsburgh mover, share it with people. Go online and write a warning review about the mover or report them to one of the mentioned organizations. It will only take you several minutes to do so, but it will mean a lot to someone looking to move in the future.

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