10 ways to save money during a garden remodel

Gardening can be a really enjoyable hobby. And there’s no better way to relax after relocation than in your garden with your loved ones. If you are not satisfied with your new garden it’s time for some changes. If you’re about to remodel your garden you need to know that this hobby can be even more rewarding when it’s on the cheap. Have in mind that this project can quickly outgrow its budget. That’s because there is always something new in stores that you can use for decorating. Simplicity is the highest level of sophistication. If you use your creativity you can easily save money during a garden remodel.

Buy things on sales

Wait for sales and save money during a garden remodel. To do this you have to find the best deals at your local garden center or supermarket. Pittsburgh has many garden centers like Babcock and North Park that can supply you with carrying plants, flowers, trees, landscape supplies, gardening tools, etc. You’ll find the best deals in the summer or after major holidays and in fall. Many supermarkets have a temporary garden center in the parking lot and your goal is to find out when it closes for the season. Usually, the season ends at midsummer and you can show up then and get some amazing discounts. That’s because gardening vendors have to move the inventory.

Self-seeding plants and flowers

Self-seeding plants and flowers are a real money-saver. Flowers and plants that already grown can be expensive. Growing your own may take a little more time but the reward from this project is outstanding. Consult with sellers about some recommendations and buy the seed of your choice. Rudbeckia, cleome, zinnia, sunflower and many more are amazing self-seeders. This step in home renovation is cheap and efficient. Self-seeding will not just save money during a garden remodel it will give your home a new and beautiful look.

A sunflower
It is much cheaper to sow some seeds than to buy a fully grown plant

Transform, don’t toss

Transform, don’t toss is the lesson that you need to learn if you want to save money during a garden remodel. This tip may stimulate your creativity. Think outside of the box. Your old bricks can be reused for your new pathway or you can make a gate from your fence pickets etc. There are countless different ideas for reusing your old things. You can start searching in your storage unit or garage for old things. If you have problems with storing your belongings, storage rental Pittsburgh can be a perfect opportunity. There you can store stuff that you don’t use every day or things that are not for the current season.

Use old wooden pallets

For this project, you need to have some working tools and imagination. You can craft garden furniture from your wooden pallets. Find some nails, a hammer, and some waterproof paint in the right way and make garden furniture. Paint your new furniture and if you have some old pillows put them on it for extra comfort. If you have trouble with moving of your heavy furniture hire furniture movers Pittsburgh. You can also use old furniture to decorate your garden.

Make a temporary pathway

If you don’t have old bricks or can’t afford stone pavers there are options for you. Layout pathway where you want it to be and pave it with a placeholder such as pea gravel. This is a great option if you want to make a Zen garden. It might even look better if you put enough work into it.

Swap plants with neighbors to save money during a garden remodel

There are times when you will get bored with your old plants and flowers in your garden. Well, a good thing you can do in this case is to swap your plants with your neighbor’s plants. This way you and your neighbor benefit from it since you will both refresh your gardens. You will also get closer to your neighbor this way.

Plants, you can trade plants with your neighbor in order to save money during a garden remodel
Trade plants with your neighbors in order to refresh your garden

Minimize to make your garden look better

Lack of things in your garden can make your garden look very bad, but it is the same case if you have too many things in your garden. If your garden looks small because you have many plants or decorations you need to minimize. This will make your garden look much bigger and better which is why this is one of the best landscaping projects. The best part of this is that it is free.

Mix old furniture to save money during a garden remodel

Buying full sets of furniture can be very expensive. You can save money by mixing and matching old garden furniture. If you have no things that fit you can always visit garage sales. This way you will have a beautiful garden with little money.

Visit garage sales

Sometimes store that sells garden supplies can be a bit pricy. When this is the case garage sales are a great option. Go on a scavenger hunt for the things that might fit your garden. You can find some exquisite things that are very cheap on these garage sales.

A garage sale, these are great when you plan to save money during a garden remodel
Garage sales are great since you can easily save money during a garden remodel here

Add small details to make your garden beautiful

Sometimes you do not have to buy or plant something huge for your garden. Small details will make your garden look exquisite. Things like bird feeders, small glass accessories, or well-aranged rocks will make your garden much better. The best part of this is that these small things don’t have to be expensive.

Small details are important when you remodel your garden, they will also help you save money during a garden remodel

Everyone wants to have a great garden, but many people think it is a hard task. This does not have to be the case since you do not need too much money or effort for this task. If you stay focused and positive you will be able to save money during a garden remodel.

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