10 things to measure before a move

Whether you’re moving by yourself or maybe seeking help from furniture movers Pittsburgh, there are always things which can go wrong.  Proper preparation for the moving process can save you a lot of time, stress and even money. One of the rookie mistakes people make is not measuring their living space and furniture before they move. As you may imagine, this can lead to quite a few problems. No one wants their couch stuck in the doorframe! To avoid these awkward situations, carefully think about which things to measure before a move.

First things to measure before you move

When you’re moving to a new place, you’re bound to have some furniture which you’ll want to bring with you. Some may have to be put in storage units, but others may have sentimental value and you simply must bring them along. Before you do, measure it properly.

Don't forget to measure all aspects of your items.
Note all the important measurements of the furniture you’re moving.
  • Couch– measure length, depth, back height, and diagonal length. If you have a sectional couch, and you’re planning to move it piece by piece, measure each part separately. See if you could remove the legs. If that’s the case, pack the legs in a separate cardboard box, and label it properly! You could always get free cardboard boxes for your move, to help you save money. Everyone knows the moving process can get costly, so it’s a good idea to cut corners where you can!

How to measure the diagonal length of your couch

It seems simple: take some measuring tape, place one end on the left corner of the couch and pull it to the right corner. However, such furniture is not as easy to measure as a simple bookshelf or a wardrobe. Instead, you have to get creative. Draw an invisible line from the highest point of the couch’s back frame to the highest point of its side. Then, find the middle of that line and measure the line from that point to the couch’s back leg. This way, you’re sure how big your couch is and whether it can fit through the door or not.

Other furniture to measure prior to relocating

  • Dresser/wardrobe – measure the height, width, and depth.  If you can remove the shelves and/or drawers, do so. Sometimes, the depth of the dresser can vary, depending on the presence of drawers.
  • Bed and the nightstands – your new bedroom may be a completely different size than your previous one. By measuring these beforehand, you’re making sure you can have the same layout in the bedroom as before. Disassemble any bunk beds you may have.
  • TV stand and/or the TV – measuring these two items before you move is a must, especially in the situations where you’re buying a new TV or a stand.  It can turn out to look quite funky if your TV is too small for the stand, or if the stand is too small for your spacious new living room.
  • Rugs – this one may not fit the general definition of “furniture”, but is equally important to measure. The size of the rug can make or break the look of a room, and this is why you should include it in your list of items to measure before a move. If it’s too big or too small – maybe you can make use of it in another room, or donate!

Don’t forget to measure the new apartment/house!

Now that you have measured all or most of your furniture, you are ready to start measuring the new place. Bring the recorded furniture measurements and some measuring tape and you’re good to go. Measure all the rooms, and think about the following:

  • Kitchen – will you have enough space to cook and move around? Can you organize your kitchen the way you always wanted?
  • Bedroom – can you fit the bed, the dresser, and both nightstands or you’ll have to get rid of one?m/best-way-to-organize-a-new-kitchen/
  • Office/living room – are there any nooks and crannies in the house where you can fit your desk or an extra armchair? Could you make a toy corner for the kids or a reading nook for yourself?
  • Hallways – this one is maybe the most important when it comes to moving day. You have to make sure that all your furniture can fit through and that no one will get stuck!

    To prevent your rooms from becoming too cluttered, measure the space and make a layout of everything before you move.
    If you measure your living space before you move, you can arrange your furniture nicely.

Other things to measure before you move include doors and windows

Without a doubt, you will have to move some large and bulky furniture which cannot be taken apart. Before you, or your movers, do so, you should jot down the dimensions on your doors and windows in the new house.

  • Doors – measure both the main and the secondary doors. See if there are any steps or radiators which make be a problem. Since someone will have to walk backward when moving furniture or boxes, measure the number of steps it takes to reach a wall or a stairwell – this could prevent serious injuries! Also, determine the ceiling height, to avoid any damage during the moving process. If any doors can be unhinged, do so. Your movers will thank you!
  • Windows – for some items, a big window may be a better option than a door. Usually, they are much wider, and bulkier furniture can fit through more easily. When you’re considering doing this, also measure the height of the window and see if you’ll need a ladder or more advanced assistance from the professionals.

    Among things to measure before a move, include your doors and windows.
    Planning to move items through the window? Measure them first!

Now you’re all set for your move!

As we have previously mentioned, proper preparation before the move is necessary. Don’t be afraid of going into too much detail – every little thing can make a big difference! For example, not many people think to measure the bendability of their mattress. Sure, it sounds silly, but you should know if it can fit through the door! Make a checklist of things to measure before a move, get organized and start relocating. Call your family, friends or contact us to help you throughout the process. In the end, you’ll see that moving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be quite a fun adventure!

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